An Interview With Tycoon69 International Founder & CEO Stefan Hostettler

Stefan Hostettler is used to building large communities that thrive off of networking and marketing. After developing a passion for cryptocurrencies, his passion led to developing Tycoon69 International, a unique blockchain ecosystem that is looking to disrupt the gift card industry using the benefits that blockchain technology provides. 

To learn more about the man behind Tycoon69 International, we did a rapid fire 7 question interview with Stefan. We touched on his inspiration, Tycoon69 International’s vision, and other personal aspects. 

1. As an entrepreneur, what made you want to enter the blockchain industry?

The blockchain industry is one of the most exciting technological advancements of this generation. I would argue, one of the most important of our lifetime. For the first time in history, people can have full control over their currency and avoid intermediaries like banks that look to make money from their customers at every chance.  

2. Do you think you can replicate your community building success in this project?

Absolutely. We have already grown Tycoon69 International’s community to over 30,000 people across 80 countries. Interest in the project is growing significantly as we start to spread the word about what we are doing. Global media have also taken note as we have been featured on prominent publications such as Yahoo Finance and Marketwach.

3. What exactly is Tycoon69 International’s goal?

Simply put, we want to create a new digital ecosystem that gives people more the opportunity to make money and transact in a safe and trusted platform. Through this process we want to inform people and help spread cryptocurrency mass adoption. 

If I had to choose one important industry that we would like to disrupt, it is the gift card industry. In the US alone, the gift card industry is $95 billion in loads, with expectations to continue growing in the future. 

4. What is wrong with the gift card industry? 

Where should I start? It is extremely outdated and despite being a massive industry, still suffers from inefficiencies such as a lack of trusted secondary markets to trade gift cards. Without this market, many gift cards go unused and result in a waste of money and lost potential to continue to drive economic stimulation through consumer spending. 

5. Do you know who typically buys gift cards? 

Data shows that typical gift card consumers have a rather high income of (earn on average) $75,000 or more per year. We aim at democratizing the access to gift cards, making them available and simple to use for everybody. 

Additionally to a tailored rewards system that will benefit every holder, our gift cards will also give access to valuable goods and services, including cryptocurrencies, which is completely new in this market. 

6. If you had to change one thing about the blockchain industry what would it be?

We need more companies and products that are consumer-friendly, easy to understand, and create real value for users. Right now, the most-funded projects are infrastructure projects that are usually blockchain protocols and solutions. Not only do we offer our own proprietary blockchain technology, but we have also created a platform that alleviates the often difficult learning curve seen with most projects. The aim is that blockchain technology becomes available and simple to use in everyone’s daily life. 

7. Where can people learn more about Tycoon69 International?

The best place is our website where we have detailed resources, such as our whitepaper, that goes into great depth about the project and technology. We are also listed on P2PB2B and Emirex, two global exchanges. We have many exciting developments coming up which we will be announcing soon.