All that you want to know about Gaze Coin ICO

Gaze Coin is the brainchild of Jonny Peters who is having the vision of Gaze Coin being the perfect one stop solution for all the things surrounding the future of entertainment into AR/VR platform, payments, security, encryption, blockchain etc. The future of Gaze Coin is dominating the market before its official release on 28th Nov 2017. Jonny Peters, founder and CEO of Gaze Coin has a successful work ‘Dream Channel VR’ is a 90 minute choose your adventure series which was set up inside a VR world, which got the nomination in the Cannes film festival 2017 VR section. The world’s first VR reality format was also the creation of Jonny, which was named Gang Green.

The AR/VR technology is the coming future which is going to revolutionize the way we see the present videos and vlogs. Gaze Coin is here to incentivize the user, developer, the stakeholders and also the adtech industry. It is particularly the coin which can be used in exchange of various platforms of videos. Gaze Coin is the ICO (initial coin offering) to the public.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) the market of AR/VR is going to reach up to $215B by the end of 2021. Doubling each year from now with 100 million units access in every point of time. AR/VR products are very rapidly being developed by Apple and Google. Innovations crippling up every now and then by different companies of creating a niche product which would enable the VR products to be robust and available at a much cheaper price which is affordable to the consumer. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said recently that he has put his R&D on creating a cheaper and much more better version of VR/AR devices for the mass acceptance.

Having said all these, if the market is not growing in VR era; nobody is talking about the monetization benefits and the new market channel opening up for advertisers, innovators, programmers, content creators etc. Gaze Coin is there to bridge the gap between AR/VR world of content, ability of the brands and the content owners to capitalize on it.

Gaze Coin’s USP

Currently there are no players in the market who claim to have a mechanism which can drive the adtech market which is further driven by the curated content which the users are willing to see. There are no such content driven platforms also which would incentivize the users and bring their curiosity to pay for what they are willing to see. The major problem existing in the present state of market is payment through credit cards, which the people/users are too sceptical to use because of the encryption problems and trust factor.

With the introduction of Gaze Coin which is totally built upon blockchain which ensures peer to peer transactions in an encrypted format which enables the users to trade using Gaze Coin in a hassle-free manner. Users can trade in Gaze Coin (the currency for VR/AR platform) which promotes easy peer to peer transactions. Blockchain ensures the encrypted format of the Gaze Coin database in its blocks and the users can exchange the currency within the block as well as outside too. With the API application of token exchange, Gaze Coin can be exchanged for the value of Ethereum which is being accepted worldwide in the blockchain community. The major advantage of trading in the cryptocurrency is that there is no centralized database server which accounts for taxes, checks and balances. One can automatically use or see accounts in his blocks at various levels of transactions which has been altered for wrongful conducts and are easily accountable for.

The major advantages in a Gaze Coin ICO are:

Its immutable: once the transaction is recorded it can not be altered, if it is tried and altered all others in block will be notified easily.

It validates engagements: the content providers actually get the data the data of user engagement and user interactions.

Token usage: the ‘Gaze Coin’ token is useful for different kinds of exchanges like measure content, viewing platforms etc. and is easily exchangeable in Ethereum too.


Gaze Coin ICO (initial coin offering) is done on 28th Nov 2017 which also comes with a smart contract in case of avoiding any fraudulent purchases. It has been written in Ethereum for a decentralized platform which enables the company’s scalability to a larger extent. The Gaze Coin blockchain ensures the incentivizing, security, freedom needed for all the different stakeholders while at the same time maintaining its Gaze Coin token value upright.