– The Blockchain era Digital Network Gives Social Media New Meaning

Social Media is one of the most significant internet sensations these days. When Facebook was launched in 2005, nobody would’ve imagined that one day, it will have billions of users. Whether you want to interact with your friends or start your business online, you can do all this on social media.

Today Social Media comprises of several different platforms, thus resulting in a million dollar industry for customers and businesses. Facebook recently launched its buying and selling feature, but it’s still in its early stage and needs improvements. Similarly, influence culture also helped companies to promote their business and products.

Amazon laid the foundation of online selling (E-Commerce) business decades ago, and now, E-commerce is of the leading industries of the internet. The E-commerce industry is booming day by day, and people are making online purchases more than ever now. The vast user base of these social media always attracts users and companies to buy and sell their products. This online business also created the need for online safe and secure payment methods.

This need for payment methods eventually leads to innovation of Digital Currencies like bitcoin and whole new blockchain technology – A safe and secure peer to peer network for online transactions. Today these currencies are being used all over the internet. We never know one day we might completely transfer to online digital currency. saw a need for an ecosystem among social media and blockchain industry. It came up with a solution to give social Media all new meaning. combines a social network, trading platform, payment service, and rewards users with digital assets. comprises primarily of three main modules:

  • Social network (meNetwork)
  • Marketplace (meMarket)
  • Payment service (mePay)
  •  Cryptocurrency (ME Token)


Imagine a platform having all the features of general social media with the addition of you getting revenue and rewards from meNetwork. This is how is revolutionizing and changing trends in social media marketing.

meNetwork is a network for users where the partnership is developed between users and platforms to establish a mutually beneficial and fair sharing of advertising revenue. Users can earn up to 50% of advertising revenue. At the same time, users get rewarded for their social activity and popularity within the platform.


meMarket is an internet marketplace that allows users to shop and sell products on Users can sell and purchase among each other and also with companies. They can create posts to showcase products or purchase items directly from your newsfeed. User-friendly interface allows single click safe transactions and worldwide delivery.


mePay is used for transactions on ME platform; it offers a fintech solution that combines blockchain technology, virtual currencies, electronic money, as well as standard payment services. You can easily create a mePay account to make your safe and easy online transactions.

ME Token:

ME Token is the core element of the ME platform. ME Token is cryptocurrency used to make purchases and transactions on the network. ME Token can be earned through ads revenue share. Its popularity can be seen by the fact that its value increased by More Than 1000% in Less Than 2 Months. ME Token can also be used outside of me platform, or it could be exchanged for BTC or USDT.

Giving Social Media a New Meaning:

Social Media these days is mostly about interaction with your like-minded people and seeing things based on your interest. Users usually spend their time watching cute animal videos or fun clips. is introducing something new to social media by introducing a complete market place, a network of like-minded people buying and selling among each other or with companies and also earning revenue through ad networks. is aiming to introduce new and revolutionary changes in the social media industry by providing a platform where users, brands, and platforms all are benefited from each other. intends to spend 50% of earned revenue on its users. A person earns when subscribers view ads displayed on their newsfeeds. Also, remember that these ads are not forced by the platform and are optional for users.

MePay is a core component of the ME platform, with mePay, you can manage your online transactions easily by opening a mePayment account.

The ecosystem of has boldly stepped right into the three fastest growing digital markets: social media, e-commerce, and digital banking. All these markets are wide and broad, and aims to provide better and amazing services for all these markets.

When meNetwork, meMarket, and mePay are combined, you get a brand new innovative Blockchain era Digital Network that Gives Social Media New Meaning., the app is available on the App Store and Google Play.