5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Blockchain Certification

What necessitated the Blockchain technology? At the present, when you send someone an Email message, a Word Document or a PowerPoint, you are not actually sending the original but rather the copy. This is just okay. But when it comes to financial assets including things such as voting, money, Art, Intellectual Property, and Bonds, sending a copy is indeed a bad idea. This problem is often referred to as the “Double Spend” by Cryptographers.

We rely on intermediaries including credit card companies, banks, and governments for the purpose of establishing trust and certainty in regard to every transaction.

That is in terms of people identification and authentication and record keeping among other tasks. In general, the intermediaries are doing a good job; however, since they are centralized in nature they are increasingly facing hacking problems.

Additionally, the intermediaries have numerous disadvantages including:

• They have led to the exclusion of a huge number of people from the world economy.

• They tend to slow transactions down.

• Privacy and anonymity is foreign to them as they capture our data.

These are the disadvantages among others that the Blockchain technology is eliminating. At the present, there are various Blockchain-focused jobs. These jobs require people that have specialized knowledge and skills. It is because of that that various institutions have started offering blockchain certification. With a blockchain certification, you are guaranteed to get these high-paying jobs. Consequently, here are 5 things for you to know before getting blockchain certification.

1. There are a number of learning institutions offering the blockchain certification

Some of the popular learning institutions offering the blockchain certification include MIT and Stanford. Also, there is the IBM blockchain certification meant for developers. The State University of New York is also offering blockchain certification. There are also more specialized institutions that enables you to become a Blockchain professional that is certified. A legit and a professional institution mean a legit certification.

2. The value of blockchain certification

It must be understood that this field of learning is still in its early stages. Even with the learning institutions or platforms that are offering the course, everyone is doing his business in a different way. There are no standard guidelines or coordination on how to approach this course. Because of that, do not be surprised if a potential employer does not consider your qualification certificate to be that essential in employing you. Moreover, no formal testing maybe part of the hiring process.

3. It is important that you have a grasp of the Blockchain fundamentals

Online resources including social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube contain various expert knowledge concerning blockchain fundamentals. Learning about the fundamental is important in making your learning easier and faster to be able to pass your exams and be a certified professional.

4. Blockchain technology is here to stay

At present, many organizations and institutions are looking at how to incorporate this technology within their areas of operations. Every company is trying to hire professionals certified in the field of this technology to be able to implement drastic workflow changes. The blockchain technology can be applied in different areas including the banking sector, insurance sector, and Healthcare sector apart from other sectors.

5. Higher salaried jobs

Blockchain technology development in the IT job market is the hottest skill that employers are looking for.You can be hired as a project manager, application designer or an application developer. These Blockchain technology jobs come with higher salaries because only a few people have the necessary skill.

In conclusion, the blockchain certification that is offered by different learning instructions is suitable for not only experts but also intermediate learners and beginners.

Image Credit: Pixabay