Which iPhone Model Should You Buy?

Apple has transformed into one of the most successful smartphone brands of all time and is not going anywhere soon. If you are deciding to sell your iPhone, then consider the decision twice since making a shift from iOS to other operating systems can be a difficult change to adapt.

However, we now how have greater variety when it comes to purchasing a product of Apple. This can also turn out to be a problem since choosing the best iPhone model has become confusing. There are eight models altogether each coming with distinctive advantages.

Here is the complete buying guide on how to choose the model right for you.

iPhone SE

This is the lowest priced model with the smallest screen. It features the latest software but the users might be required to compromise on hardware specifications such as camera. It is an ideal model for purchasers who are tight on budget but want to invest in an iPhone.

iPhone 6s and 6s plus

These were one of the most successful entries in the market. Even though they feature less power i.e. the A9 chip, most consumers are not able to differentiate between A9 and the latest A11 Bionic chip unless they are operating an application that requires more power such as video editing. The 6S models are lacking the exceptional camera features that can be found in the latest models, but from a general point of view, both the models were absolute hits of their time.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus

These models features faster performance with A10 chips. It even features water resistance. The larger model, 7 plus had two camera lenses. One could be utilized for wider shots while the other was for portraits. Both the models were able to shoot 4K high resolution content.

iPhone 8 and 8 plus

Even though they seem similar to IPhone 6 and 7 models, they are slightly different coming in a glass back and featuring wireless charging. It even comes with a high-performance chip i.e. A11 Bionic chip. 8 plus also comes with a more flexible software that allows different enhancements according to preferences of the users. Even though expensive, it has be fairly favorable amongst Apple users.

The iPhone X

The latest Apple product, it has created a wave of enthusiasm since its release in the market. It comes with the feature of facial recognition, a near edge-to-edge display and doesn’t come with a home button. This is the most expensive model right now, but worth the money. It has maximum amount of storage amongst all models. Since it is the latest technology, it tends to stand out amongst all however, there is an expensive cost for it.

The bottom line

Here were the details of all iPhone models that are readily available in the market. The preferred one is iPhone X without any doubt however it comes with a costly amount. IPhone SE and 6 models can be ideal for those who are looking forward to an affordable option.