Wheelchair Accessories That Will Improve Your Mobility

Let’s face it, for someone in a wheelchair or who requires assistance in order to go from place to place, there are many challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. As well as the obvious- finding accessible routes and locations and transporting a wheelchair where required, there are extra things that wheelchair users need to bear in mind such as carrying extra items, protection from rain, stopping the wheelchair from tipping over backward among others. For wheelchair users who use a wheelchair every day or only need one occasionally, having a few accessories for their chair can go a long way in making life more comfortable. Besides, wheelchair accessories can make using a wheelchair easier as well as more convenient, and most items are available at an affordable cost. These wheelchair accessories can help you travel with everything you need to be mobile and independent. 

Furthermore, wheelchair accessories are not only comfortable and convenient, but they also make a world of a difference in helping a wheelchair user retain independent mobility. Read on to find out five wheelchair accessories that will improve your mobility. 

1. Wheelchair ramps- Even though almost all public buildings are now wheelchair accessible, there are still many structures which have not been similarly modified and very few private residences can accommodate wheelchairs. There are wheelchair accessories, like wheelchair ramps, which allow wheelchair users to provide their own entry into previously restricted areas. Furthermore, wheelchair ramps are ideal for getting wheelchairs into and out of vehicles and upstairs. 

2. Cushions- It goes without saying, that a wheelchair seat cushion is a must, especially for those who may need additional lumbar support. Furthermore, wheelchair cushions help to not only provide comfort but pressure relief and improve sitting pressure. In addition, these accessories can also help in preventing various skin problems.

3. Wheelchair bag- One of the most important wheelchair accessories, a wheelchair bag is a convenient accessory to have for keeping important items close at hand throughout the day. Whether you use it when you go food shopping or you simply want a place to put your day-to-day items, a wheelchair bag is a versatile accessory.

4. Tray- A wheelchair tray can be a great, all-round accessory for everyone. Besides, wheelchair trays make eating, writing and reading easier and more convenient. 

5. Wheelchair gloves- For those who use a manual wheelchair, it is common to experience hand callouses. Furthermore, with all the constant pressure and abrasion, wheelchair gloves are a big help. Furthermore, wheelchair gloves are designed to not only keep hands clean and dry, but they are also made of strong, resistant materials that will not suffer through wear and tear. 

Wheelchair accessories make it easier for people to do more than just get around. Besides, these are specifically designed to provide greater convenience and comfort not only in the use of the wheelchair but also in performing daily activities.