What you should know about weapons safes?

As you should know, there are all kinds of safes, of different sizes and materials, different types of installation, different levels of security, etc. Very specific types of security boxes are those in which any type of weapons will be stored. To this type of safes, we call them gunsmiths because of their clear purpose of protecting weapons, whether they are short or long weapons.

The classification of this type of safes can be simply summarized in three types of armorers, which are the following:

Approved gunsmiths: These types of boxes offer a very high security and of course, they are duly certified in two types of security degrees.

Graders I grade: are safes of high security that are appropriate for the guard of long rifled weapons and also of guns 2ª 2 of particular use, like for example the arms or rifles that are used for the big game. Also included are rifled cannons that fit hunting shotguns and have a chamber for metal cartridges.) In order for them to achieve level I homologation, all these gunsmiths have to comply with the European Safe Safety Standard EN 1143-1, and must also have certification by the company that makes them or an accredited control body.

Gunsmiths of degree III: for their part, these gunsmiths are the ones indicated to keep F license guns for private use and also as armourers for companies that provide security services or armed surveillance. The gunsmiths to be awarded with this degree of approval must pass certain type of tests quite demanding in order to verify the strength of the box and must also comply with EN 1143-1 to be properly certified.

Non-approved gunsmiths: On the other hand, there are also safes that do not need this type of tests nor have certified homologation because their purpose is to protect weapons, whether short or long, for which they are not required to be stored in safes certified The purpose of these gunsmiths is to provide a certain level of security that is acceptable to prevent theft or any type of accident that may arise due to the manipulation of the weapons by unlawful persons.

Decorative armors: Finally we have cabinets whose main purpose is the decorative display of weapons, they can be historical weapons or also valuable weapons but they do not require a certified level of security.

Actually, the armourers that count as safes are those of the first line, that is to say, the approved gunsmiths, either of grade I or grade III since they are the only ones that comply with the current safety regulations and also have a resistance verified in regard to security and protection for short or long weapons.

Then, knowing what type of weapon that we are going to keep, then with this information is that we can define what type of gunsmith we are going to need. It is important to be clear that, since it is a sensitive issue such as security with regard to weapons, not only should protection be considered in the event of theft, but also the risk that undue manipulation of any kind may pose. This point is essential to be well aware when making the purchase of a gunsmith, because safety comes first.

In case you need more information about the types of gunsmiths and define which is most appropriate for you, we can provide you with information and advice you in order to make an appropriate purchase for you and the safety of yours.

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