What Things Buyers Consider Before Leaving Product Reviews?

Online shopping has become more popular now than anyone ever thought it would be. At first, people were skeptical about its success because there was no way to know what the quality of the product would be.

A few brave ones amongst us still decided to take a step and order anyway. These people then went forth and added reviews of the product they received. This became common later on and now people always make it a point to read a lot of reviews of any product they are going to buy. The top best product reviews found online all have the following features:

Comparison with the Manufacturer’s Claims

Every product you find online has some verbal description of it on the page. Sometimes, there are also pictures of the product. When people receive their product, the first thing they do is compare what they receive with what is written. The good reviewers then write exactly what they received in the form of a comparison. This greatly helps the people who wish to order the product as they then know what to expect from the shipment.


The second thing people consider when leaving reviews is the comfort that the product offered them. For example, if people ordered a cologne after reading about it being good, they will use it for a couple of days or so. If they find the smell to be long lasting and good, they will put that down in their review. If the smell has any inconsistencies like the smell fades too fast or it isn’t what they expected it to be, they pen that down in the review as well.

Shipping Time

Shipping time is highly important to many people. The seller of the product gives an estimated time of shipping. The reviewers note down whether the manufacturer is true to his claims of the shipping time or not. If they receive the package early their rating goes up but if the package takes much too long to arrive, the buyer mentions it in the review and usually cuts down on the rating.

Packaging Quality

Usually, what matters more than the shipping time is the quality of the packaging. Sometimes, the buyers receive packages with open seals or broken or chipped off bottles. They will certainly mark the rating down if they see any such inconsistencies in the packaging. Packages that arrive in mint condition usually get great reviews.


It matters a lot to the buyers whether the product they received is fulfilling the purposes they ordered it for or not. For example, if you order a pillow to help you with your back or neck pain, you will use it for a while to see how helpful it is for you. The reviewer would certainly rate it up if the product was helpful. This is definitely the most important aspect of any review. No product gets good reviews if everything about it is perfect except the usefulness to the user.