What Style of an Engagement Ring Should You Buy?

One of the most important event of our lives is engagement. However, it even comes with a number of responsibilities. First of all, managing the event in order to make it a memorable one. Furthermore, selecting the engagement ring is as much important as other aspects.

Selecting your engagement ring is not as easy and simple as it sounds. There is a wide variety available in the market with different reputable brick and mortar and online jewelry retailers like Rock Her ready to help you find the perfect engagement ring. Nevertheless, here are some popular engagement rings styles you must look over in order to help you decide which ring is right for you.

Solitaire Rings

A ring that is featured with a single stone is commonly known as Solitaire ring. It typically has a diamond with a simple mounting. These are one of the most popular engagement rings. They are known for its simplicity, elegance and charm. It comes in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Some come with narrower bands which makes the diamond appear larger whereas the thicker bands give more versatility to how the diamond sets in.

Pave Rings

Rings that are encrusted with tiny diamonds all along the band are called pave engagement rings. It gives appearance of a solid diamond surface. Since only small beads are used to hold diamonds in place, very little of metal band shows and the diamonds appear to be free-standing. The settings either go around whole band or stop halfway around it. There are other types available as well like micro-pave rings.

Sidestone Rings

A perfect complement to the center stone is provided by sidestone engagement ring. It normally consist of center diamond edge by two or more tinier diamonds. The overall appearance of the ring is enhanced by the addition of size and brilliance to the center diamond. It makes the ring look more radiant. Typically, round brilliant cut diamonds are chosen for this type of engagement ring. Nevertheless, most diamond shapes can be utilized as well.

Vintage Rings

Vintage and antique rings styles exhibit immense beauty and sophisticated craftsmanship of vintage rings with durable design techniques of modern types of rings. It takes inspiration from different time periods and contain diamonds with modern cuts which emphasizes on brilliance and life reflection properties. The rings come in different designs ranging from gold, white-gold and platinum. The center stones in vintage rings are usually basket-set, prong-set or bezel-set.

Wedding Sets

These are one of the most common types of sets that we have come across. It usually consists of a matching engagement ring and wedding ring that are visually consistent and compliments each other. The band is usually given at the ceremony whereas the engagement ring is given during the proposal. Since buying both of the separately can be difficult, these sets ensure a perfect match between engagement and a wedding ring. They ensures maximum elegance and brilliance. It can even be correlated with a groom’s wedding ring which is a plus-point.