Vacuum cleaners: Basic maintenance

Have you recently made a decision of buying a vacuum cleaner but are least aware of its maintenance needs? This article is here to save the day for you. Vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly handy appliances but they also require proper maintenance to sustain their functioning. The maintenance needs of vacuum cleaners extend from filter and battery replacement to cord extension and wand renewal. This article contains all the important vacuum cleaner maintenance requirements extracted from trusted vacuum cleaner reviews.

Filter replacement:

Many latest vacuum cleaner models feature dust and allergen filters. If you have bought a vacuum cleaner with any common filter, such as HEPA filter in it, you will have to replace it after a certain period of usage. The vacuum filters are susceptible to clogging because of the accumulation of dirt, dust, and allergens inside on the walls of the filter. A clogged vacuum cleaner will show reduced efficiency and fail to clean properly. Although some filters can simply be washed for their renewal, most of the filters need to be replaced after a year of usage.

Wand renewal:

Handheld vacuum cleaners feature additional wands for extended cleaning actions. These wands are usually made from plastic and have a rubber head on the free end. Plastic is susceptible to breakage as a result of prolonged usage or improper handling. In such cases, the new wand has to be purchased in order to maintain the function of vacuum cleaners. Mostly the manufacturing companies offer vacuum cleaner wands which can be purchased at affordable prices when needed.

Purchasing dirtbags:

Although some vacuum cleaners feature disposable dirtbags, other contains dirtbags which can contain dirt till a specific level is reached. If you are trying to live a low-waste lifestyle, it is recommended to buy a vacuum cleaner with the detachable but reusable bin. In case of vacuum cleaners with disposable dirtbags, you will have to purchase a new set of dirtbags after a specific duration of vacuum cleaner usage.

Cord extensions and replacement:

With versatile needs come versatile features. Cord extensions are needed if you have extended your household to a wider space or if you have to clean staircases. Vacuum cleaner cords usually plastic or rubber encasing. After prolonged periods of usage, the plastic cord is susceptible to overheating, cracking and melting. A damaged cord is a serious safety hazard. Vacuum cleaner cords need replacement in case of breakage. You can also buy extension cables depending upon your needs.

Battery replacement:

Robotic vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners are usually powered via battery charge. Typically, lithium-ion batteries are used in vacuum cleaners. These batteries are not everlasting and need replacement after a few years of usage. You will have to buy a new lithium-ion battery in case your old battery time starts to decrease. The decreased charge is because of the depletion of ions which are responsible for electric conduction. In case of robotic vacuum cleaners, battery replacement is of vital importance.