Top 4 Coolest Essentials You Need for Your Home Renovation

If you’re planning a renovation project at your home, there are a few important tools you’ll need to have. Without the right tools and equipment, various parts of the renovation process will become a lot more complex. When you do have access to the items you need, the job should go more smoothly and produce a better result.

Personal Protective Equipment

Every job site is dangerous, whether you’re installing new curtains or tearing out the kitchen. Make sure you have the equipment needed to protect yourself. The most critical personal protective equipment items include a pair of safety goggles, which can prevent flying objects, shavings, and particles from getting into your eyes and causing irritation, or worse, a serious injury, as well as a mask that protects your airway from breathing in irritants.

You should also wear gloves when you’re working with your hands. If you’re working with tools that make a lot of noise, pick up a pair of earmuffs that will protect your hearing. Don’t forget to put on a pair of durable, sturdy work boots that will protect your feet if you step on nails, tools, or other sharp items in the work zone.

Demolition Tools

If your project involves demolition, you’ll need a few specialized tools that will make the process easier. One of the most useful options is the RamRod, a nonelectric tool that allows you to break up concrete, old flooring, or exterior veneers without using a sledgehammer. A pry bar is also useful in a demolition job since it gives you better leverage, allowing you to attack the task from the best angle.

For exterior work, such as replacing an old deck, the Ezy-Lifter is extremely useful. This tool allows you to stand while you work, saving your knees while removing old fasteners and deck materials without destroying them.

Levels and Tapes

As the old saying goes, measure twice and cut once. In order to follow this wise advice, you’ll need the right tools to measure materials and ensure that everything you’re installing is level. The R-Beam level from Stabila has a soft, round edge that you can use to grip the tool, while the other three sharp edges are perfect for drawing straight lines.

Power Tools

No toolbox would be complete without some powerful mechanisms that allow you to drill and install screws without manual force. You may want to pick up an oscillating multitool, which is one of the most versatile tools available to DIY renovators. This vibrating tool can polish, sand, grind, scrape, and cut. Since it has a small head and moves from side to side, it can fit in smaller spaces that other tools can’t, which is part of the reason it’s so versatile. When you use an oscillating multitool to cut, it can go through just about any type of material, from plastic to hard concrete.

Before you start any type of home renovation project, make sure you have the tools and equipment to do the job right. With these items in hand, you can tackle your to-do list more effectively.