TLH Battery: The Right Partner for Lithium Ion Batteries

A battery offers a great deal of convenience to many people in their daily living may it be at work, in school or at home. Many electrical and electronic products and devices like laptops, mobile phones and electric bikes are heavily reliant on batteries for power. Extra batteries are even bought for additional power back-up and support in cases that there are no available power outlets to recharge batteries. Doing a switch from the main electricity to a portable power supply is hassle-free and makes life easier for everyone.

There are many kinds of batteries available on the market. A more popular choice of battery used nowadays is the lithium ion battery. Why lithium ion? This kind of battery offers more benefits than others. With a good quality lithium ion battery, you are sure to get the following advantages:

  1. High energy density – Electronic products, like mobile phones and electric bikes, which need to operate over longer periods, need a battery with high energy density. This is an advantage especially when these products consume more power between charges.
  2. Low self-discharge – One concern that has to be considered is self-discharging of batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are more beneficial than the older rechargeable batteries like nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride because it has a lower rate of self-discharge.
  3. Low maintenance – Lithium ion batteries have small memory effect which means that they do not tend to hold less charge over time. Thus, they do not require maintenance to ensure their performance.
  4. Wide range of types available – Lithium ion batteries are available in many different types as there are many different products that use them. For mobile phones, laptops and tablets, there is a lithium ion battery with high level of specific energy density. For electric bikes, power tools and medical tools, there is a lithium ion battery with high current capability for charge and discharge.

With these benefits, there is no doubt that lithium ion batteries are the right technology for modern power needs.Manufacturing demands for lithium ion batteries is growing by the day and TLH Battery is an experienced partner who can address these needs.

Why is TLH Battery the right choice?

  1. Experience and Knowledge – They have 13 years of experience in making lithium ion battery packs and 15 years of designing and developing battery casing and moulding service.
  2. Reliability – TLH Battery creates many variants of lithium-ion battery packs, each having tested by battery experts and passed for a high quality standard. The company also has a well-established supply chain to ensure on-time delivery.
  3. Trusted Company – TLH Battery puts their customers’ needs first. Not only that they ensure the quality of their product and they offers 12 months up to two years of warranty period.

TLH Battery is a company that offers a wide range of options for lithium ion batteries. They have product lines with specific designs that are available for many applications such as e-bikes, power tools, medical and communication devices. Aside from the regular lithium ion battery, they also offer customized battery packs to meet your needs. With this, the company is a one-stop station of cost-effective and high quality battery you can opt to partner with.