Things You Should Know Before Buying a Water Ionizer

Water ionizer is a home appliance which transforms the pH level tap water in order to make the water more alkaline. The reason why people buy water ionizers is due to the health benefits associated with it. Wide variety of benefits have been claimed from giving the body more energy to prevention of diseases.

Purchasing a water-ionizer can be a valuable investment. It is very important to choose a high quality water ionizer in order for it to last a long time. This article will outline the factors you must consider before purchasing a water ionizer. Here are some points you must keep in mind so that your family can enjoy clean and healthy drinking:

Lifespan of your ionizer

You must consider how long your ionizer will last. Issue with ionizers is that they get scaling or mineral deposits on electrodes reducing the efficiency. The water ionizer is no longer restructuring the water the way it used to. Cleaning the ionizer routinely can avoid this issue and maintain its longevity.

Ionizer must be self-cleaning and require low maintenance

It is very important to have an ionizer that is self-cleaning and requires as low maintenance as possible. People often complain that a lot of bacteria has accumulated on electrodes along with mineral build-up that reduces the effectiveness of water ionizer.

Make sure your ionizer have an automatic cleaning process that transforms the polarity on electrodes on frequent basis. You can even use citric acid in ionizing chamber to descale the plates.

Ionizer must regulate incoming water pressure

Water pressure varies from place to place. Always consider how flexible the water ionizer is when it comes to water pressure. Ionizers performing well at only certain water pressures are not a good choice since most water systems do not supply water at one constant pressure all the time.

Know the source of water

Learn about the quality of water in your locality. There are generally two types of water named hard and soft. Hard water contains higher mineral content. If there is mineral buildup on your tiles or aerators, you are likely to have hard water. Soft water contains less minerals which makes ionizer difficult to operate. For an ionizer to work there needs to be alkalizing minerals in water. This is why you need to study the source of your water and work on ionizer’s compatibility with your source.

Ionizer must filter tap water properly

It is important for the water filter to clean the tap source water before it passes through the process of electrolysis. No one wants to consume water contaminated with chemicals which will have negative impacts on your body. Make sure the filter used is effective and this is where can be of help.


Above points may educate you regarding water ionization so that purchasers can make the right choice and drink hydrogen rich water or supplements. Make sure to take the above factors into consideration for a healthy life journey.