Things to know about Tuft and Needle Sheets!!!

About the company: Tuft & Needle is an American company that manufactures and sells mattresses, bed-sheets, bed-covers, etc. Its culture has been customer-centric since inception and it has successfully delivered amazing products at reasonable prices till date. The T & N sheets are made from 100% Supima cotton grown in the American southwest regions that feature 215 thread counts. It focuses on the staple length as it is more important than the thread count when it comes to softness and durability. All the cotton is grown on the farms of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. All the products are manufactured and sold with 2-year warranty and the sheets are not produced using any smoothing chemical finish that reduces breathability.

Things to know about the popular and reliable Tuft and Needle sheets:

These bed-sheets can be bought for 100 nights with a 2-year warranty and the risk-free trial facility offered by the company. The percale weave pattern is the perfect balance of softness, breathability, and durability. You can buy the sheets in all sizes from Twin to California King. All the sheets are perfectly designed and manufactured to fit the Tuft & Needle mattresses. The best part about these sheets is that there are no finishing chemicals used on them. Often, the brands which use cheap fibers tend to coat their sheets with a chemical finish to ensure smoothness, but this reduces breathability.Every sheet of Tuft & Needle comes with different available sizes according to your bed size or size of your mattress.

All the new T & N sheets are currently sold in sets of flat and fitted sheets with a standard pillowcase in the Twin and Twin XL sizes, two king pillowcases in the King and California King sizes, and in two standard pillowcases in the Full and Queen sizes. Even though their sheets are industrially laundered before packaging and selling, they are recommended to be washed after purchasing. After washing, the sheets may feel a little different, a little wrinkled, but definitely, they will get softer with every wash. The sheets are not treated with any chemical substances like formaldehyde, and hence you may see your sheets getting wrinkled after wash. The sheets are tested and certified to be completely safe for your skin.

All the sheets from Tuft and Needle will perfectly fit your mattresses. You should look for thick elastic around your fitted sheets’ perimeter. A thread count of about 200-300 is the best and the sheets have a thread count of 215. Supima cotton is the best as it gives the extra-long staple cotton that is perfect for ensuring complete durability and breathability. Supima cotton is verified and is completely safe and original. However, the Supima cotton is about three times the price of regular cotton because of its quality and originality. Every mattress from Tuft & Needle is about ten to twelve inches deep; hence you should buy those sheets that have enough depth. A percale weave is the best for most people as it helps to sleep cooler and also lasts longer than usual.

Tuft & Needle successfully minimizes chemical wrinkle treatments for better durability, softness, and breathability. Anti-wrinkle treatments tend to use harsh chemical resins, which in turn reduces the quality of the sheets’ fabric and tend to affect your skin and health. With sheets from Tuft & Needle, you will have a good night’s sleep as they are formaldehyde-free. The weight of the sheets’ fabric has got nothing to do with the quality of the sheets. All these sheets have a light and breathy quality to them that successfully allows your mattress to support you along with your comforter to insulate you. Supima cotton being about 45% stronger than any regular cotton, allows for more breathable and lighter fabric that is softer and more durable than the heavy, multi-ply fabrics used on regular sheets from other brands.

You may find sateen sheets to be softer, smoother and less prone to wrinkles. But, in comparison to a percale weave sheet from Tuft & Needle, their tighter weave tends to restrict air circulation leading to hot and uneasy sleep. They are more expensive, less durable and susceptible to pilling in comparison to percale sheets. So you should avoid sateen sheets. Only in case if you have very sensitive skin, then you can opt for sateen sheets, otherwise, percale weave sheets are the best option to sleep with.

Tuft and Needle sheets will last longer if they are washed in a cold setting, as they become much easier on the fabric. One of the most amazing aspects of these sheets is the price. The sheets are made up of high-quality materials when it is about the durability and breathability expectations. When you compare these with other products of different brands in the online market of similar material composition, you will find that you are saving about 40% of your money by investing in Tuft & Needle sheets. This makes it a great option for anyone who is on a budget and does not want to compromise on the quality of the product.

These sheets from Tuft & Needle can be easily used on any flat surface. But it is best to fit them on a slatted base, solid platform, or foam mattress, so as not to create any adverse effect like the development of mold.

We spend about 2900 hours approximately in bed every year. Your bed becomes the sanctuary you go to relax and rejuvenate after a long day. Hence, investing in good quality bedding like mattresses, covers, bed-sheets, etc. is a quick and easy way to instantly improve the quality of your life and sleep. You should never compromise with your good night’s sleep. So invest in very high-quality percale weave sheets from Tuft & Needle. For a variety of design and options, visit their webpage.