Things to Consider When Creating Personalized Canvas Prints

Canvas printing is the latest and most favorite interior décor option which the homeowners as well as business owners are using frequently. Available in a variety of styles, framing, designs and color options, canvas prints have simply won the hearts all over the world because of their immense appeal. Creating personalized canvas prints is no less than creating your own customized art. As fun, as it may seem, creating personalized canvas prints, shall be done by taking care of following things:

Select high-resolution images:

High resolution prints are important to obtain sleek and appealing personalized canvas prints. You do not want to hang a blurry image on your wall which is only going to dull the vibe of your house. High-resolution images are the major element which needs to be considered during the creation of personalized canvas prints. When it comes to mixing and matching of different pictures and design elements, it is probably to shift the resolution to a lower one by mistake. Ensure that every image is of high quality. In the case of natural sceneries, the entire scene shall be blur-free and rich in colors. Whereas in the case of humanly or life-like prints, focusing on the main character is more important than focusing on the rest of the image.

Alignment of elements:

Proper alignment of elements is the key to enhance the aesthetic appeal of personalized canvas prints. Nobody likes an unorganized and disorderly arrangement of design elements on canvas prints. Remember that personalized canvas prints are a part of interior décor and everyone who enters your home is going to look straight at the canvass because of its high appeal. Make sure that not only the canvas frames are installed in a symmetric fashion but also, the design elements exhibit proper alignment as well.

Select a suitable base:

Selection of a suitable canvass base is as important as the selection of personalized design elements. Preferably, white cotton canvas is used for the printing of personalized canvas elements. This cloth has a greater ability to soak and withholding the ink for long periods of time. If you want a long-lasting, personalized canvas print, make sure to pick a high quality and durable base.

Canvas wrapping style:

Usually, there are two styles of custom canvas wrapping. The museum wrap style has black edges which are used to give a dramatic look to the custom canvas prints. The other type is the gallery wrap in which the canvas is wrapped over the base frame in a natural and artistic manner, without any black edges.

Protective film:

A coat of UV protective layer on your custom canvas prints helps in protection of canvass from light damages. The ink of personalized canvas prints is susceptible to fading because of continuous light exposure. UV layer not only protects the paint colors but also prevents the accumulation of dust on the print. The addition of a UV layer also makes it easy to clean the canvass.