The Consumer Has The Power: Business and Programs Examples of These and Why They Are Successful

The consumer has taken much of the power from companies demanding higher quality along with affordable prices. Certain business and government programs are beginning to follow suit as a happier consumer is a goal of many businesses as happy people usually spend more money. Custom options can be what it takes to close a sale as generic products and services while useful might not deliver everything the consumer needs and wants. The following are examples of the consumer having power and directing certain programs and business niches.


CDPAP or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is a New York based program that allows those that qualify through Medicaid to choose their personal assistant. This could be a child or another family member which can help smooth out the daily life of someone that might not be able to do everything they need to in order care for themselves adequately. Figuring out these programs can be tough for some so CDPAP Department of Edison HHC has information about all there is to know about the program. This can help answer any questions and even get your application process started. Consumers that need home care would rather have someone they trust in the home rather than that of a stranger.

Catering/Event Planning

Catering and event planning has gone to another level as some want to plan everything to the last detail of an event. Caterers can put together custom menus depending on the desires of the client. Even table settings are something people have an opinion on so event planners will have a wide array of these. Weddings could be the event that most planners need to ask opinions on nearly everything in case their client is a bridezilla. With technology consumers can choose different options online for an event if they do not want to be incredibly involved.

Custom Athletic Apparel

Athletic apparel like a favorite team’s jersey has gone from sporting popular players to your own name or nickname. Even shoes that are orders can come with custom colors as well as a name or initials somewhere on the shoes. With so many brands to choose from consumers are picking the brands that give them the most control. Things like yoga pants being a certain color is a great example as a consumer might want 10 pairs just in different colors. Only offering 2 colors might lead to consumer to go look elsewhere at a brand that gives them the colors that they want. The digital age has empowered the consumer to demand more from clothing companies and all companies in general.

Influencer Marketing

The consumer directs which influencer a company will decide to partner with. Picking the wrong influencer can result in a poor ROI while partnering with the right influencer can have fans of the influencer become loyal to a company’s brand due to their fandom. Consumers are becoming much more wise with this as if they see a specific influencer partnering with a plethora of brands with some of them being conflicting can be seen as untrustworthy. For example, a person partnering with a health and wellness brand as well as Marlboro should have their endorsement mean much less than an influencer that sticks to their principals even when offered money from brands they might not agree with.

As anyone can see the consumer is as powerful as ever with the ability to leave online reviews, recommendations, and request custom versions of nearly everything. If your company is not going to cater to the consumer, your competition will!