So, you want to save on energy bills, huh?

“I don’t want to pay so much money on energy bills.” How many times have you heard people say that? Chances are that too many times. Everybody wants cheap energy but, unfortunately, there is no such thing. To save on energy bills, it’s necessary to do more than just turn down the thermostat. An investment must be made. What about you? Do you manage to keep up with those still rising energy bills? If the answer’s no, then you should do something about it.

No, you don’t have to switch providers. The tariffs are much or less the same. However, you do have to reduce the amount of energy consumed. You can get tuck even before you start, not knowing what to do. So, how can you use much less energy? Here are several suggestions that are worth taking into consideration.

Air seal the attic

One of the most significant menaces to the comfort of your home is represented by the attic leak. What happens is that air escapes from the house and finds its way into the unconditioned top floor. You live with the impression that the ceiling is a very hard surface. Well, you’ll be shocked to find out that there are many gaps and openings in the surface. As a rule, the air leaks are located right under the insulation. Finding evidence of cracks and openings is therefore hard. How do you know for sure that there is air leakage on the top floor? The answer is simple: you carefully inspect the ceiling, as well as the corners, and you conduct a building pressurization test. If there is attic leakage, then immediately seal those leaks. Why? You may ask. Because it’s costing you a great deal of money, that’s why.

Find alternatives for the incandescent light bulbs

What home doesn’t have incandescent light bulbs? Almost all people use these traditional lighting fixtures. That doesn’t mean, though, that it’s a good thing. The thing is that incandescent light bulbs aren’t exactly energy-efficient. They require more wattage than LED lights. Even though they’re cheap to buy, they aren’t the right choice, at least not if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills. What you should be doing is seeking alternatives. So as not to live in the dark all your life, you can use:

  • Halogen bulbs – many say that halogen bulbs are too hot to handle. Well, they’re absolutely right. The plastic inside is heat sensitive and the quartz envelope is very close to the filament, but that’s not what you should care about. What you should care about is the fact that they consume less energy than incandescents.
  • LEDs bulbsLED lights are synonymous with energy-efficient lighting. They use up to 50 percent less energy, resulting in reduction of expenses. The great thing is that they have an extended life. A typical light bulb lasts about 50,000 hours, which is a lot.

Install storm window retrofits

Homeowners don’t even realize that windows affect indoor air temperature. The matter of the fact is that storm windows regulate how much cold and warm air move within the home. Should the windows be of poor quality, then there are surely air leaks. Replacing the storm windows isn’t recommendable, as it takes a lot of time and the effort is expensive. You’re better off installing storm window retrofits. It’s better to say “to have installed” because you’re not a professional. You lack both the skills and the inclination. Not that many energy-efficient window retrofit options were available until the present moment. Now, you have the possibility to choose between various storm window retrofits.

Many companies provide products of this kind so as to help homeowners in difficult situations. Storm window retrofits are just as efficient as performance replacement windows. But how can this be? Well, they are specifically made to fit the cavities and feature double-insulated glass. When it comes to conserving energy, you can really consider yourself lucky. Home residents will be more comfortable and will enjoy a healthier life. That includes you too. What about the value of the property? Well, the more energy-efficient the property is, the more valuable it is. The best thing of all is that the design quality and historic character of the house aren’t compromised.

Enhance the insulation in your home

If you’re ready to cut down on energy bills, then you should consider enhancing the home’s insulation. It can’t be stressed enough just how important insulation is. Insulation reduces heat loss and heat gain by acting as a barrier between areas that aren’t the same in terms of temperature. If your house is insulated, remediate the problem right away. Your property will let out a lot of heat, especially during the cold months of the year. What if your home is insulated? You should better add more insulation because something isn’t right. Before undertaking any kind of work, have an energy audit performed. This way, you’ll know the R-value of the existing insulation, i.e. how well the heat resists. If the insulation in your home is costing you money, you should have it replaced altogether.

Switch to newer appliances

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think how much energy your appliances consume? If you did, then maybe you would have replaced them. household appliances account for almost half of your energy bills. The amount of energy that they use is determined by their capacity. As you can imagine, old appliances aren’t energy efficient. You don’t need to install meters all around the home to convince yourself. You can trust us on this one. Nobody is saying that you should replace the household appliances all at once. You can start with one or two. When going out shopping, make sure to check the Energy Rating Label. The more stars, the more efficient your product is.

If you implement the aforementioned changes, you’ll see your energy ills decrease drastically. While you’ll be required to make a substantial investment, it’s all worth it because you’ll never again have trouble with money. Don’t waste any more time and get to work.