Savvy Home Selling Tips, Advice, and Money Saving Ideas

There are many aspects of selling a home you will have to consider. Choosing the right real estate agent for you, and so on.

For your home to sell, you will also need to make certain repair or renovations. Sometimes it is as simple as choosing between luxury vinyl flooring or hardwood for your home renovation. However, it may also mean a costly repair here and there or a swift update for the kitchen.

This guide will help you figure out where to invest your money so that you can get your home sold fast and with reasonable offers too!

Finding a Reliable Real Estate Agent

There are two major ways you can use when selling a home through a real estate agent: full service and discount brokerage. Full service means the agent handles all aspects of your transaction. Discount brokerage means you get a few real estate services for a lower price.

Having a trustworthy real estate agent handle your home transactions can simplify the selling and buying process for you and alleviate any stress. Not only can they help you sell your home, but they can also help with paperwork, getting professional photography done, conduct open houses, and address other aspects of the home selling process.

It never hurts to find a solid reputable real estate agent to compare other real estate agents too. This can give you a little insight into what standards you have when looking in your local area.

An excellent example of a top real estate agent is Ryan McCann. He is an agent that definitely knows the ins and outs of getting a home sold for a decent price. After all, any real estate agent can give you a general list of changes to make, but a good agent knows that you aren’t just selling a house; you are selling a home with history and character.

At the end of the day or sale, a good agent will know how to take care of their clients and make sure they get their home buying/selling needs are met.

Renovations, Home Repairs, and Refurbishing – Oh My!

This is the part of selling a home that will require you to do the most work or if you have the money you can always hire a contractor. You will want to invest enough money to make the house look nice without overdoing it. It is not uncommon for sellers to not get all their money back from a home sale so you will need to choose wisely on what you intend to repair.

To simplify which renovations are money savvy, here is a list you can look through:

  • New paint schemes for rooms
    Painting a room a certain color can raise the price of your home or at least make the house more desirable. The bathroom, kitchen, exterior, and bedrooms will be where you need to paint the most.
  • Flooring
    With flooring, you have a wider range of options. You can choose ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring and marble flooring.
  • Energy efficiency
    Making sure your home is properly insulated in the attic, basement, windows, and doors will help your home sell and isn’t expensive to do either.
  • Repairing/replacing old doors, windows, garage doors
    This is essential. Windows and doors are often major culprits for escaped air conditioning and heating, which can result in a high energy bill. Additionally, simply having a new door or snazzy new windows will improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  • Making sure the gas supply, plumbing, and water heaters are properly inspected. This will ensure you don’t have an accident during an open house. Nothing makes a house look bad like a leaky pipe!

Landscaping and Curb Appeal

You wouldn’t think much about the significance of your home’s outward appearance, but when it comes to selling a house, it is an extremely important detail. Many potential buyers often scout out the homes they intend to buy, and the outside appearance of a house is what they will see first. To make your house look appealing, don’t forget to give the outside a nice paint job in a pleasant color, clean the windows, trim the hedges and yard, and invest into a little landscaping for the front yard. If you intend to show off the backyard, a little landscaping can go a long way in making it look like a desirable place no matter the size.

Getting Your Home’s Listing Photos Done Right

To have a higher chance of potential buyers seeing your home, you need photos. The more photos you have the better: around 8 to 20 photos are typical of a home listing. However, you should invest in having a professional photographer take the pictures. They will know how to capture the best angles and give the illusion of more space in your home.

Final Thoughts

Before you sell your home, make sure your mortgage lender is notified first. A real estate agent may be able to help you through this process, so it is definitely worth every penny to hire one.

Another point to remember is the pricing of your home. Check listings in your local area to get a feel for how much you should sell your home for.

Selling a home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be, as long as you have a reliable real estate agent and know what your potential buyers are wanting in a home.