Ritani: Breaking the Mold for the Ultimate Ring Buying Experience

For those seeking an innovative way of buying diamond rings online, check out Ritani’s exclusive “Clicks and Bricks” marketing campaign and finalize your ring purchase with complete confidence.

When it comes to buying engagement rings, nothing is ever too good for the woman you love. And, with men typically taking three months to make a final ring choice and spending on average $5,598, it is no wonder the jewelry business is raking in billions of dollars annually in revenue.

However, as people continue to engage in online shopping, traditional brick and mortar jewelry shops find themselves with less customers walking through the door to do their ring shopping.

Adding to that, online jewelers that offer exclusive pricing are capitalizing on the fact that people love to shop from the comfort of their own homes, love getting a good deal, and are drawn to the marketing techniques online shops implement across multiple channels.

That said, ring buying online is no easy feat. And, although online shopping is a secure, easy way to buy most things, grooms-to-be are finding themselves wondering how they can get in on the deals online jewelers offer, while being able to see the ring they are choosing to deliver with love to their soon-to-be wives.

Plus, guys shopping for the perfect ring often want to engage in the entire experience of ring shopping. For example, traditional jewelers cater to their customers by educating them about the 4 C’s of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, and carat), offer them champagne, and even allow them to try on jewelry of all kinds to get them in the buying mood.

You can’t do these things when you interact with an eCommerce jeweler.

That’s where Ritani comes in.

What is Ritani?

Ritani is an online diamond retailer garnering more than 8 million unique views a year through their website. Selling engagement rings, wedding rings, and other diamond jewelry directly to the consumer, Ritani seeks what every other eCommerce shop on the internet wantssuccess.

However, Ritani takes it one step further by melding the concept of online jeweler and brick and mortar jewelry shop in what they aptly call their “Clicks and Bricks” marketing campaign.

This way, those in search of the perfect diamond rings not only benefit from Ritani’s amazing online prices, they can also choose to see their purchase in person at one of 200 independent retail shops across the United States and Canada.

In short, someone looking to buy an engagement ring orders online through Ritani (even custom designing a ring if they want), chooses a nearby retail jeweler, and goes in person to that retailer (who has received the ring of choice from Ritani’s New York diamond studio) to check out the ring they ordered – free of charge.

It is in this way that the consumer receives the best of both the online shopping and brick and mortar shopping worlds.

The Benefits of Clicks and Bricks

The idea that online customers can create the perfect product online, and view it in person to ensure it is exactly what they want, is revolutionary.

In fact, by implementing the “Clicks and Bricks” concept, Ritani has propelled themselves into the number one retail position among eCommerce jewelry competitors.

For example, competition such as Blue Nile has only five retail shops and Brilliant Earth has only seven, allowing Ritani to take the number one position when it comes to actual brick and mortar shops.

To add to that, these brick and mortar retail shops are “viewing only”, meaning if your boyfriend walks into their shop, and finds the perfect ring for you, he cannot purchase it right then and there.

With Ritani, he can.

And if by chance, your boyfriend walks into one of Ritani’s trusted jewelers, and decides he isn’t impressed with what he sees (even if it is a custom designed ring he handcrafted through Ritani’s online ring creation process), he can simply walk away – no questions asked.

In the end, eCommerce shopping, especially when it comes to buying jewelry, is limited even at its best. Customers take a huge risk purchasing something online that they cannot see in person.

Relying on images and descriptions alone, customers must place a lot of trust in your company, especially when making such an expensive and sentimental purchase.

Giving customers the opportunity to buy an engagement ring online, view the product in person, while still reaping the benefits of online pricing, is changing the way eCommerce shops operate. Ritani has truly disrupted the engagement ring industry with their unique marketing campaign, allowing happy couples all over to celebrate this special occasion.