Most Common Problems Of An Air Conditioner Faced By HomeOwners

One negative aspect about electronic devices is that they are a depreciating asset. The moment you buy it, the price goes down, so you need to know how to get value for money. An air conditioner is one of the essential electronic additions that we can’t do without during summers. Like any other electronic appliance, it deteriorates with time.

If you hire expert commercial AC contractors, you are surely in for having great maintenance. However, you must be aware of some common problems that eventually can happen to every air conditioner.

Common Problems That Can Occur In Air Conditioners

1. Refrigerant Leaks

If you have seen an air conditioner leaking or you have been prey to a few of those droplets, this is the reason why it happens. If you find your air conditioner low on refrigerant it was either undercharged during installation or there is a leak. You cannot add coolant and stop it from leaking. You need trained experts to fix the leak, test the condition and charge the appliance.

Note that the performance of an air conditioner is best when it matches the specification given by the manufacturer. You shouldn’t undercharge or overcharge as it can lead to further damage. Also, note that these leaks can be harmful to you and the environment around.

2. No servicing

Just like people exercise, wash their cars and wipe off the dust from TV screens, our air conditioners need maintenance too. If you let the filers or coils get dirty, the appliance will not serve you as it did during the first month. If you don’t service your air conditioners regularly it might result in a failing compressor or damaged fans.

3. Electric control failure

If your compressor or fans or both start to wear out, there can be an electrical control failure. Many times we switch on and switch off our appliances abruptly and frequently. This too can lead to such a condition. Corrosion of wire terminals is quite a problem for the systems. You need to check the electrical connection before you install the appliance and also during maintenance.

4. Sensor issues

The room air conditioners come with thermostat sensors that locate behind their control panel. It helps to figure out the level of air coming inside the evaporative coil. Times when the sensor goes out of position, the appliance will not work correctly. The key is to keep the sensor near the coil, but they cannot come in contact with each other. The servicing experts bend the wire to position the two to fix the problem carefully.

5. Draining issues

If you stay in a location that is too humid, you need to check the condensate drain every now-and-then. See that it doesn’t get clogged and drains well. The room air conditioner will not flow in the right way if it is not mounted correctly.

6. Other problems

There can be many more problems apart from the common ones. Some of these are avoidable and must be taken into account right now. Check these out:

• Faulty installation is one of the worst things to do to a brand new product. You must get your air conditioner installed by experts only. Faulty installation leads to leaky ducts and little airflow.

• There are times when the refrigerant charge doesn’t match the manufacturer’s specifications. The incorrect way of charging the refrigerant damages the performances unit.

• Choosing unskilled technicians can worsen existing problems, especially when the condition is critical and involves technical complications.

Air conditioners are not appliances that you can DIY for internal care. You shouldn’t risk the money you invested and your health to fix anything by yourself. If you are new to having an air conditioner installed at home, note that improper operations are first problems. This means you need to shut the doors and windows when the appliance is running. You need to isolate your room if it is connected to another room or group of rooms as much as possible. These are some of the measures that will help you maintain this appliance for years.