Making Your Content More Reader-Friendly

We’ve all heard the expression ‘content is king’ and this is largely true when it comes to digital content. If you run a blog or even a business, you need to ensure that the content you post online is interesting, relevant, and informative. However, you also need to ensure that it is reader-friendly and easy to digest. If you fail to do this, people will generally read not further than the first paragraph or two before getting bored.

For instance, if you run a company that offers services to consolidate student loans, the subject matter can be pretty mundane and boring for the reader. While the content may contain useful information, if it is not easy to read and digest many readers will never get as far as the important points. Making your content more readable from the start makes it more likely that your readers will go through the article or blog post in its entirety.

Tips to make the content more readable

There are various tips that can help to make your content more reader-friendly and easier to digest. You can then look forward to providing your audience with content that is not only packed with useful information and engaging but is also easier for them to take in and understand. Some tips that can help with the creation of more digestible content include:

· Make the title short and punchy: The title is what will initially attract your audience, so make it short and punchy. A long, drawn out title is off-putting and boring for most people. You should therefore try and create a title that will grab their attention and make them want to read the post.

· Capture their attention with the first paragraph: While all articles and blogs should have an introduction as the first paragraph, there is nothing to say that this needs to be boring. Make your first paragraph interesting and engaging, as this will make your audience want to delve further into the article.

· Break up the content with bullets: Paragraph after paragraph of text is boring for most reader. It also makes the content difficult on the eye and harder to digest. Use bullets and numbers to break up the content and to make points in a more succinct way. This also makes the content look more attractive as well as making it more reader friendly.

· Use sub-headings: Another thing you should do to break up the content is use sub-headings. Focus each one on a different area of your article. Again, this is a key part of making your content easier for your audience to read and take in.

· Use images in your content: Images will attract the eye of your audience far more than text alone. You should therefore jazz up your posts with high quality images that are relevant to the content. Make sure you opt for images that are eye-catching and vibrant for the best effect.

These tips are all designed to help make your blog posts and content more enjoyable and more digestible for your audience.