How to Use your Amazon Gift Card for Online Shopping

It is impressive the milestone Amazon has achieved in gaining its clientele trust and satisfaction. Since the innovation of the Amazon Gift Card, the company has experienced a steady expansion in its sales per annum.

An Amazon gift card is merely a card issued by Amazon to its customers to substitute the purposes of money or credit cards. It is easy to obtain since it does not put your debt history into consideration. It is therefore available regardless of your creditworthiness. Isn’t this amazing? However before you can ride the wave and enjoy using such an offer from Amazon, you will need to actually apply for the gift card(s). The process is pretty straightforward.

Applying for an Amazon Gift Card in 5 Simple steps;

  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. In your account, locate and click on “Apply for Gift Card.”
  3. Use the claim code on your plastic card or print out or in the email sent by Amazon.
  4. Carefully type the code in its required slot.
  5. Lastly, click on “apply.”

Just like that and you have your card ready. If you need more than one, you can adjust the parameters as you are filling out the application form. After you have successfully applied for a card, you will need to redeem it so you can use it as a type of currency.

4 Steps in Redeeming an Amazon Gift Card

  1. Find the scratch card, it is usually a mixture of letters and numbers.
  2. Log into your Amazon account.
  3. Carefully enter the claim code in your scratch card and click “apply to your balance.”
  4. Your new balance will be displayed immediately. You can always pay via your credit card.

Purchasing an Amazon Gift Card

This is done online through the Amazon website. The gift cards cost as little as $0.15 to as much as $5000. This service is fantastic since it allows you to customize your gift cards with meaningful messages to friends and family. You can always send an e-Gift Card or print one out using a printer.

Pros of Using an Amazon Gift Card

Availability—the card is available to all Amazon subscribers regardless of their credit score where credit cards are issued subject to your creditworthiness. Also, an Amazon Gift Card has the advantage of activating discounts on your future purchases. Just in case you want to spread the love, you can share the gift card with friends and family as a gift. Owning a gift card allows you to purchase music online as well as physical products, you can even buy cryptocurrencies with your Amazon gift card. And the best part, especially for overspenders, these cards provide a budget constraint. Thus, owning gift cards helps prevent overspending since the amount deposited is fixed.
This is contrary to the case in credit cards since they usually give a holder too much freedom. Gift cards are economical. They never expire hence no renewal fees incurred. There are zero transaction costs during purchases, therefore cost-efficient.

The Amazon gift card has made online transactions safer, economical and convenient. Let’s appreciate this great innovation.