How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner Properly

Vacuum cleaners are a blessing when it comes to cleaning equipment. They are much handier than brooms and mops and can suck anything inside like dust, small crumbs or even spills. If you want tips on what are the best vacuum cleaners you can buy, visit

Remember that even the most expensive and high power vacuum cleaners need proper maintenance to function well. So here are some tips that will help you use a vacuum cleaner properly:

Remove Harmful and Disruptive Items from the Way

After deciding on the area that needs to be vacuum cleaned, clear it out as best as possible. Remove small items that can harm the vacuum cleaner or disrupt the airflow like pins, coins, and pencils. Remove the rugs from the floor after vacuuming them. If there is some furniture in the area that is obstructing the vacuum cleaner’s path, move it around till the vacuum cleaner clears all the dirt from underneath it. Removing these items from the way will ensure that your vacuum cleaner has a relatively clear path to go over and every part of the room gets cleaned evenly.

Use Different Heads

Most vacuum cleaners these days come with a variety of heads that you can attach to the nozzle. These heads are there to effectively clean many different kinds of surfaces. For example, there is usually a brush-end that is good for cleaning carpets because they need to be scrubbed. There is a slim, cylindrical end as well which is good for cleaning areas which are hard to reach. Try to change heads as soon as you feel the need to do so for efficient cleaning.

Empty Bag Regularly

Older models of vacuum cleaners usually came with a tray that caught all the dirt and grime that was sucked into the vacuum cleaner and had to be emptied after each use. The newer models of vacuum cleaners come with bags that are either disposable or reusable. These bags hold all the dirt and dust you have sucked inside the vacuum cleaner. Try to empty or replace the bag after every few uses or when you see that it is nearly full. An overfilled bag might disrupt the airflow in the vacuum and make it less efficient.

Oil the Bearings and Wheels

You vacuum cleaner probably comes with wheels for moving it around and wheels to easily adjust the heads. When these become rough, it is very difficult to move the vacuum cleaner around and clean many kinds of surfaces. This is why it is best that you oil the bearings and the wheels after every few months to ensure that they move smoothly.

Adjust the Vacuum Cleaner

Adjust the vacuum cleaner till it starts cleaning well and it easily settled in your hands. You can elongate the head to your will and you can make it as short as you want to as well. A very long end will disrupt the power of the airflow and the short end will be harder to move.