How to Select an Affordable Punching Bag?

You will always find a punching bag hung or mounted in a gym and someone punching or kicking it to the fullest of his/her might. This is because the kind of striking ability and exercise that you get by training on a punching bag is indeed unparalleled.

This does not mean you cannot have an affordable punching bag for your house. You should be prepared to incur a considerable expense if you want a good one. One can obviously judge the quality of a punching bag using the price, but if you are on a budget and prefer affordability over perfection, this guide will help you regarding the considerations you should make.

Filling and Material

If you are looking for affordability, then you will need to give more regard to effort over convenience. It is best if you purchase an unfilled punching bag and fill it with the material that is easily obtainable for you than go for a filled one with quality material, like canvas, that is likely to cost a lot more.

You can even have an unfilled one and fill it with shredded fabrics of old clothes; as long as the material outside can sustain damage your self-filled punching bag will work for a long time.

Size and Shape

Size can be associated a bit with the affordability, because the bigger you get the more you will have to pay. Choose a standard size that you can keep at your place without any reservations, so that you can save as much as possible in that section.

As far as shapes are concerned, experts say that double angled ones are better for variable training, and that is true because the fancier ones have a greater purpose. However, you can simply settle for a regular teardrop shaped bag which is mostly a lot more affordable compared to the fancy ones, because the difference is training is not monumental.


This is the main area where you will need to focus on your affordability criteria, because most bags which are less costly do promise great sustainability but usually end up suffering. As mentioned before, the exterior material is what you should be concerned with, because the interior can be replaced as soon as it gets hard.

Consult online discussion forums which talk about the best affordable punching bags out there, and check out the best pick that matches your needs. Manufacturers might bluff to sell, but customers are mostly wearing the same shoes you are.

Avail Sales

Major occasions and events will always account for a number of sales in the markets using which you can get otherwise expensive goods at a much better rate. You need to be fully researched on the punching bag you want, and keep an eye out for any retailer/supplier sales which might be coming up so that you can get the best product without any compromise in quality for the best price.

Keep an eye out on e-commerce based stores and markets and see if a discount on sports goods is coming up, and avail it to its fullest.