How to Have a Successful Move

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. From squeezing giant couches through thin doorways and carrying boxes up and down stairs, it’s a physically demanding activity. Even the simple act of leaving your home for a new one can be emotionally trying, making for an all-in-all exhausting experience from start to finish. You probably welcome tips for having a successful move, and luckily they are straightforward and achievable.

Take a Breath and Dive In

Moving is a wild experience because it is likely a significant change from your normal. But don’t be afraid! Change pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges your beliefs and ideas. When you open yourself up to change, you shout “yes” to the world and its ever-shifting ways. You hearken back to the evolutionary skill of adaptation and learn to live in new circumstances readily. This makes you bolder and braver because you pursue life as an adventure rather than an inconvenience. So if you’re about to move, get ready to be thrown around by all of the changes. But know you will come out the other side a stronger person.


The first practical action to take before a move is to downsize. This means you need to look at everything you own and decide what you really need. This idea is challenging to people who hold emotional value in the things they keep. Good times are remembered through keepsakes, trinkets, and T-shirts. Something to give you perspective is this: what matters enough that you are willing to carry it from this house to the next one? When you add up all of the meaningful (but practically useless) things you keep, the pounds rack up. Downsizing does not mean you have to get rid of the really special items in your life, but rather the sort-of-special clutter that takes up space. The feeling of not wanting to get rid of things parallels the reason people don’t like change: we rely on safety, security, and stability. However, with a shift in mindset, you have the power to look closely at the things you have laying around and thank some of them for their service to you as you toss them into a trash can. If it is too painful, consider donating to a shelter, or even to a family member so the item is still around if you want to see it. Come a year, you’ll likely find that you don’t remember most of the belongings you relinquished.

Storage Units and Movers

If downsizing is particularly difficult for you, you will need to find a storage unit to keep what won’t fit into your new place. Cheap storage units are easy to find when you know a company that offers great services. What’s better is finding a company that will both offer storage and moving services so you know all of your stuff is being handled by the same people. Plus, hiring movers makes your move far less physically demanding. You can box up your things according to your preferences and they will handle the rest. This gives you more space and time to breathe and get to know your new neighborhood, or say goodbye to your old one.

Make Updates Before You Move

Plenty of people decide to update the home they are moving into, but after the fact. It is much easier, if you are able, to have the updates finished before you move in. Think about how much more work it is to unpack only to repack and shift furniture in order to replace the carpet or repaint the walls. It’s best to start fresh. If your swimming pool construction is underway before you set foot in the house, you’ll be able to celebrate your housewarming with a pool party barbecue, the likes of which southern California has not yet seen. Do what you can to make your new home ready for you and your family. You’ll be glad you did when you can finally settle into your new space.

All in all, moving doesn’t have to be hard. With the proper mindset, preparations, and help, a move can leave you feeling refreshed and reborn instead of exhausted.