How to Create Stunning Polyamide Prints as a Beginner

3D printing has become a flavor of the season and a number of individuals are giving it a try. Polyamide (SLS) refers to a material offering the freedom of design for 3D printing, thereby giving you a better 3D printing experience. This concept has become a recent trend and the same is urging a number of students to take a basic 3D printing course on it. SLS is also considered to be a material which could be finished in most colors.

However, sometimes this doesn’t serves as a one-stop solution to create all kinds of 3D prints that you are looking forward to designing. Thus, you must always be careful and put each step very meticulously while working on this project.

The following tips and suggestions can help you out with the concept of 3D printing.

The basic program for 3D design:

If you are totally new to the concept of 3D printing, you must begin working on the design that is modeled in Rhino 5.0. This design as starters is also heavily instructed in all kinds of architectural institutions to start your 3D work with. Begin your program with this design as it is one basic and an easy solution.

What kind of material should be taken into use while 3D printing and why?

The best material that you must use while doing all the activities related to 3D printing is polished polyamide. Also known as SLS, this material is the most nominal material using which you can start your 3D printing, even if you are pursuing all kinds of practice sessions. Polyamide is considered to be an affordable material that also allows a fair level of fine detail. Moreover, this material is true to its description and appears to be the same as in the pictures. Thus, it serves as the best option for all the beginners in 3D printing. The results are always smooth.

How to paint the 3D-printed models?

If your model is already coated with a black colored spray paint and then use all your hobby model paints in order to finish the project. The solid block model might make it difficult for you to get into all the crannies and nook over the black undercoat. This is where the concept of dry-brushing comes to your escape.

You can further add all kinds of big and small details on to the model. You can also apply some innovative designing such as lettering as well as graffiti using gel pens in various colors. Thus, even a good painting stock of your childhood could help you well with coloring all your 3D-printing models.

Gone are the times where everything related to 2D was in fashion. The idea of 3D-printing has given a new dimension to all the concepts of designing and innovation. It makes you more creative and innovative and thus you can show up your own innovative side of creating things and further painting them with the use of different colors and techniques.

The idea of 3D printing isn’t a rocket science anymore and the same has come forth to become one of the latest trends in the recent times. It is very inspiring, intriguing as well as innovative. Follow these easy steps if you are working on your very first 3D project. Take baby steps towards your goal and that is when you will realize that 3D printing as well as 3D printing is full of fun. Take a basic 3D printing course to learn more.