How to Choose the Best Laser Level

Laser level is a supervision tool that is utilized in construction and surveying. However, it is used for other reasons as well. It has become a necessity in a number of other industries. From outdoor to indoor applications, there is a lot it has offered.

All laser levels are not created in the same manner. This is why there are certain factors to take into account before choosing the best laser level. You can go through the guide on to get the right option, nevertheless, here are the elements to take into consideration:

Types of Laser Level

There is a multitude of types available in the market. However, laser levels are categorized into three general classifications:

  • Dot lasers are the most basic of all. It is even termed as fixed point laser level which is generally used for simple construction jobs surrounding the house. It casts a dot of light on surface once it has been attached. It can be moved by repositioning the tool’s head.
  • Line laser levels are used when there is more alignment on horizontal and vertical planes in the project. It is attached firmly on a surface or tripod for projection of horizontal and vertical cross-lines. Due to a progression in technology, these laser levels are now easier to set up and are even available in cheaper prices. However, these are expensive relative to dot laser levels.
  • Rotary laser levels are advisable for large sites. It is an ideal tool for projects that are complex in nature and require precision in measurements. It entails a rotary motor in its mechanism.

Range of laser beam

Range of the laser beam must be taken into account before making your purchase. Pay close attention to this aspect. However, the space which is intended to level will influence this factor. Beam that is projected beyond the specified range loses accuracy and will be rendered futile for leveling purposes.

Brightness and color

Outdoor construction projects require more visibility of the laser beams. Find a laser level that projects a green beam compared to a red beam since it is brighter. However, these beams are expensive. Red beam would suffice for most of the indoor projects. Beware of the very cheap laser beams since they tend to have dim lights and are less durable as well.


If you want to use laser level on frequent basis, then make sure it complies with the standards of durability. A flimsy tool may slip off the mount and may get damaged very easily. Also take into account the battery life. A long battery life is an ideal purchase for frequent users.

Mounting ability

Different laser levels come with different mounting abilities. This is a crucial point to take into account since it can have a considerable impact on your project. Mounting ability must comply with the plan. Some levels are mounted magnetically while other can be fixed only on iron surfaces. Some come with multiple options.