How to Choose Quality Nail Salon Equipment

The manicure and pedicure rituals used to occupy a small part of the beauty salon. However, the old concept of mani-pedis has been replaced with the concept of nail art, and nowadays you can find salons dedicated solely to nail care. Whether you are planning to open a nail art salon or you own a beauty salon and you want to dedicate a part of it to nail care, you need to be prepared to invest in quality equipment. Basic nail tools are no longer enough, and if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to offer your clients a mani-pedi experience that feels like a spa ritual. Keep on reading if you want to know what type of equipment you need for a modern nail salon.

Pedicure chair

For pedicure rituals, many salons still use a classic chair and a plain basin for soaking the feet. However, this situation poses many inconveniences. Classic chairs are not very comfortable, and the basins need to be emptied manually which doesn’t look very professional. On the other hand, a modern pedicure chair is designed specifically for the pedicure ritual. The basin is integrated in the chair and connected to a drain, so it can be easily emptied. For the highest standards of safety and hygiene, avoid the pedicure chairs with whirlpool basins which can be great breeding grounds for bacteria. Instead, choose pipe-less chairs with jet systems. For a very relaxing experience, consider a pedicure chair with massage features.


When it comes to manicures and pedicures, there are certain items that need to be disposed after every single client. The list of disposable manicure items includes but it is not limited to: cotton balls, wooden sticks, gauze pads, toe separators, disposable towels, arbor bands and more. However, to properly care for the nails, you also need some quality metallic tools that you will use on several clients. To avoid infections, you will need to buy tools made of quality metals that can resists harsh sterilization procedures, and you will also need to invest in a quality sterilizer. Make sure that the sterilizer abides by the legal salon hygiene requirements.

Nail dryers

Considering the increasing popularity of gel nails and semi-permanent nail polish, nail dryers are essential in any reputable nail salon. Different types of manicure require different types of dryers. For natural nails you need a cold air dryer, for acrylic nails, you need a warm air dryer, and for gel and semi-permanent nails you will need an UV dryer.