How to Buy Window Treatments       

No question, a cool patterned curtain, shade, or pleated shade can increase the visual appeal of your living space when chosen correctly. Window treatments contain a significant effect and pull off overalldécor beautifully. You should stay vigilant and invest your time in determining what blends in well with the furnishing.

The journey of finding the right window treatment for the rooms or even kitchen and bathroom includes the kind of color, fabric, lining, and the length of curtains or shades. Not to mention, one can easily feel overwhelmed due to the varieties come with the window treatment.

In Light Of This, Here Is A Quick Guide To Finding The Right Window Treatment For Your Space:

1. Shuttersfor Style and Function

If you are looking for style and function alike in a window treatment, look no further than shutters. Installing shutters offer the elegant and classic look and are sturdier than blinds. It can become an excellent window treatment choice if you need something long lasting.

Although shutters are available in options like vinyl, composite, or wood, you can even choose from various finishes and colors to get customized ones.It is worth noting that you can find shutters for exterior as well. Exterior shutters provide solid protection against sun, hurricanes, and winds.

2. Cozy Curtains and Drapes

Whether it is your bedroom, family room, or kids rooms, you can never go wrong with formal or fun curtains. This window treatment is not only ideal to filter the sunlight but it sets the tone and mood of your room as well.

Whether you want to block out the sunlight completely or allow in the breeze, you can find plenty of ideas that cater to your needs.When purchasing curtains, focus on factors, like the décor of the room where you will install them. For instance, you can ask yourself is it formal or not?

In the case of formal space, you should consider materials such as heavy silk and velvet. You might need cotton or rayon curtains for a house with pets or children as these fabrics are durable and easy to maintain.

3. Tiers for Short Panels

Do you have short windows and struggling to find the right treatment for it? Install tiers without giving it the second thought. This is the best idea to cover the lower third of the windows. Therefore, tiers can become an ultimate choice for kitchen and bathroom windows. With short length, this window treatment provides the right amount of natural light and privacy.In addition, tiers go well with a country or traditional look. Try pairing them with a valance to incorporate aesthetic vibe to your space.

4. Go For Sheers

Light and airy sheers are available in various shades. This is one of the versatile window treatment options that blend well with valances and heavy materials.

You can pair it alone to keep your room bright. Moreover, installing sheers underneath thick curtains or drapes allow you to adjust the natural light and privacy.

Merely close the curtains for complete privacy and enjoy just the right amount of sunlight after opening the curtains in the daytime.

5. Shades

Block out light and get some privacy without breaking your bank via shades. Take note that blinds and shades contain a few differences. One of which is shades do not come with vanes or slats.

Shades are made using a continuous piece of fabric and feature a pulley mechanism that rolls them up and down.

From linen, polyester, to cotton, you can find a variety of shades. You can even find the ones with PVC fiberglass coating to prevent dust, stains and shape maintenance.

Here a few kinds of shades, such as:

  • Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

This variety of shades comes with honeycomb-shaped pockets between its front and back panels, which make them energy and cost efficient. These pockets are designed to trap air, retain heat in the winter and cool in the summer. No wonder, this variety has taken window treatment market by storm due to style and purpose alike.

  • Roman Shades

For light and elegant window treatment, opt for roman shades. This variation of the shade sports folded bottom or multiple folds. Made from thick fabrics, roman shades are excellent to block natural light maintaining the airy environment.

  • Pleated Shades

Adding a bit of classic vibe to your space never hurts. Therefore, you should consider elegant pleated shades manufactured with a single piece of fabric accented via crisp pleats. Ranging from light to dark color palette, you can choose any depending on the amount of light you want in a room.

6. Blinds

No window treatment seems as sturdy as blinds. Materials like leather, aluminum, vinyl, and composite make blinds an ideal choice in this context. You will find various widths and lengths in the slats. Blinds can also be vertical and horizontal. If you prefer hard material to soft one, invest in blinds and you will not regret.

Some of the kinds of blinds are:

  • Mini Blinds

Do not overlook this variety just because of the mini size. It is the perfect choice for small windows often apartments or college dorm room offer.Despite the mini size, these blinds provide privacy and filter natural light alike.

  • Wood Blinds

Incorporate elegance and sophistication to your space via installing wood blinds. From mahogany to matte, there are plenty of finishes and woods option available. This idea blends in well in your living space or spacious bedrooms. Avoid opting for wood blinds for cramped rooms, as it feels heavy.

  • Faux Wood

Not everyone appreciates traditional wood blinds, for people who prefer something light and convenient, can invest in faux wood immediately. This kind of blinds match with real wood – so installing faux wood will be a cost-effective option as well.Moreover, faux wood blinds are easy to maintain and quick to cleaning which makes them ideal for the families with children.

Bottom Line

Choosing a window treatment in plenty of options can be a nuisance.We suggest selecting a treatment that serves a purpose and increases the visual appeal of your space at the same time.