Features that Define a Good Garment Duffel Bag

Attending a professional conference, workshop, or any formal event often calls for a suit. If the event is held outside town, you might have to pack your suit in a bag. 

Many travel bags do not provide the luxury of keeping your clothes wrinkle-free during the trip, and you may have to iron them once you get to your destination.  Time is not something many people do not have to put their suits or other clothes in order and often opt for garment bags. Garment bags are designed to protect delicate clothes and other accessories while providing ease of transport.

Garment duffel bags are some of the best travel bags out there that guarantees that your clothes remain wrinkle-free. While they are many options, look out for these features that define a good garment duffel bag


While most cheap garment bags feature a compartment only for suits, a good carry-on bag should have specific compartments for the outfits as well as other personal belongings such as shoes and belts.

Another essential feature crucial no matter your occupation is a quick-access exterior compartment that allows you to keep the items that you might need to access quickly, as such your plane tickets or mobile phone.


Side and top handles are an essential feature when it comes to lifting your garment bag. The handle should be durable to withstand the weight of your belongings. Some special bags have rear straps to allow you to use your garment bag as a backpack.

Tie-down Straps

While pockets and dividers help in keeping your belongings organized, straps also come in handy. The adjustable, stretchy straps come in handy when dealing with bulky items.


Sturdy zippers are very important and should run smoothly. The pulls should be made of sturdy or durable plastic.


When it comes to traveling, ample parking space is crucial. A good garment duffel bag should allow you to pack a few extra pairs of underwear and socks. Some of the best garment bags feature side expandable pockets and expendable interior compartments to provide additional space for extra clothes when needed.


For professionals, top quality leather garment bag should be the priority. It has a beautiful, elegant, and prestigious look that gives a good impression.

Although lighter than leather, canvas and polyester are also good.  They are durable and do not wear and tear quickly. When it comes to synthetic polymers, there is usually a number followed by a letter “D.” The “D” stands for denier, which is the measure of the linear mass density of the fabric. The higher the number, the more durable the material is.

Features define any travel bag.  The better the features, the more quality and durable the bag is. Look out for key features when purchasing a garment duffel bag.