Exciting Ways to Shop for Men’s Hats Online

Hats are the most recent addition to the list of stylish men’s accessories. They are a true definition of style and comfort and are must-have accessories for the modern man. What’s more? Hat designs come up each day, and you can get them in multiple styles and colors. However, shopping for hats online can be daunting. And there are various considerations to make to choose the best match for your needs. 

What are the popular hat designs for men?

There are different types of hats available in the market. Whether planning to attend a party, a wedding or going for a stroll in the park, a hat will make a perfect complement for your outfit.

The popular men’s hats designs are:

  • Fedoras

Fedora hats are typical among men from all social classes. They feature a lengthwise crease, a soft feel and are pitched on either side. Fedora hats are usually marked using a band, and the brim runs around the entire cap.

  • Cowboy hats

These are essential fashion accessories for cowboys. They come in various materials like straw, leather and felt. Cowboy hats are tall with a flat brim and a round crown. The rolled brim and creased crown are often modified to match a particular style. Some hats come with strings and bandsdepending on the brand.

  • Bowler hats

Bowler hats are also known as billycocks or bob hats. They were initially designed to shield gamekeepers from low hanging branches. Bowler hats feature a low-crowned close fitting and are similar to the flat cap or top hat.

  • Carver hats 

Caver hats offer excellent protection in cold weather. You can lower the ear flaps to cover the ears for additional warmth. Carver hats feature a thick-cut fabric and are not only for hunters but can be worn by anyone.

How can you choose men’s hats online?

1. Know the different styles

You’ll come across different hats, but you can’t pick just anything. Know the distinct types and choose what suits your occasion. The standard hat types include; helmets, full-brim hats, baseball caps and cowboys. The style of the hat is also paramount. Pick one that complements your facial shape to achieve that stunning look.

2. Consider the comfort

Comfort matters a lot when it comes to hats. If choosing a hat for hiking or mountain climbing, go for lightweight materials. You also need one with a small brim; it allows you to see clearly and won’t hit your back. On the other hand, if choosing a hat for running, pick a lightweight one that fits appropriately and breathes well.

3. Go for durability                              

You want something long-lasting and should pick the right fabric. The most common hat materials are cotton, linen, nylon, leather and wool. Cotton is favorite among many; it’s durable, soft and comfortable. Leather caps are also comfortable, easy to clean and naturally elastic. They are durable only if you go for genuine leather.

4. Color choice

Choose a color that you’re comfortable with. Dark shades like black, red, dark grey, and brown draw more heat and fade quickly. Others like white, cream, and beige won’t heat your head but attracts dirt and stains.

The bottom line

To pick the best hat, decide on the type of event and outfit. Choose high-quality fabrics and only buy from legitimate online stores renowned for stocking quality products.