Essential Oils for Men

Essential oils are an extremely popular trend right now and definitely have their benefits. Ranging from odor elimination to skin relaxation, to enhanced focus, they seem to be able to do it all. But let’s face it. It hasn’t really been very exciting for a lot of us in the male community. Of course, there are many men that stand by the essential oils already, but companies like Young Living have started to expand the horizons for us. Here are some of the products, and how they benefit men.

Beard Oil

Seems like the current trend for guys is everybody wants a beard. Funny enough, you can use essential oils with beards as well! A trend you’ll notice throughout these different products is the scent used. Particularly Shutran. Shutran is a mixture of many ingredients, mainly wolfberry seed oil and apricot kernel oil. The names alone are almost convincing enough to make you go camping. But I think this oil doesn’t need too much of an explanation. In the vast majority of cases, men use beard oil far more than women, and since this oil also moisturizes and softens, it’s a great option for anyone. 

3-in-1 Wash

The classic “wash everything” soap for men. Carrying the same Shutran scent as the beard oil, this wash is infused with that essential oil blend, and has no animal-derived ingredients, or damaging chemicals, and is completely plant-based. This is great for those of us who don’t feel the need to pamper ourselves or take excessively long showers but will still leave you with clear, soft skin, soft hair and smelling good. 

Shave Cream

Grapeseed oil and aloe vera, mixed with the famous Shutran oil blend are what make this shave cream unique. The anti-oxidants in the grapeseed oil, the hydrating effect of the aloe, and the scent of the Shutran make the perfect combination. This one, although is in a “men’s care” production line, would also be more than ideal for any woman in need of a high-quality shaving cream as well. 


A perfect partner to the shaving cream, this Shutran scented aftershave has a plethora of beneficial oils in it, including aloe vera for moisturizing. This aftershave isn’t greasy, and absorbs right into the skin, for effortless application. It creates a cooling sensation when it touches your skin, waking you up in morning or refreshing you in the afternoon. And as before mentioned, the presence of the aloe vera in this aftershave saves you from any dry skin as a result of using this product!

There are so many different uses for essential oils, what we have listed here is just a few. Try them out in as many ways as you can think of because there are limitless opportunities to get creative and use them to better your life! Even if it’s as simple as making an area you frequent often smell amazing, the improvement in the quality of life will blow your mind! Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.