Windows And Doors: What Is The Best Time To Shop For Them?

The general rule is that there is time for everything and that is usually the best time to do that thing. When it comes to shopping for windows and doors, it is not an exception. To many homeowners, the best time to purchase windows is in the summer and spring warmer months. This is because no one will want to carry out this process during the chilling Toronto cold.

However, in contrast to that, windows and doors installation doesn’t depend on weather conditions. Regardless of which time of the year it is, you don’t have to cater for the Mother Nature. We advise you buy your new replacement windows and doors 1 to 3 months before the planned date of installation. Also, choose off-peak months when few people are replacing their windows to avoid inconveniences.

1. Buying Windows and Doors in Warmer Months.

The safest time to buy your windows and doors in Toronto is during the warmer months such as early summer and spring. There are various reasons why we advise buying doors and windows during this time of the year.

Firstly, during this time you are not put to the danger of cold drafts that will ultimately force you to switch on the heating units hence increase your heating bills. This occurs especially if you are buying multiple doors and windows for your structure.

When doing vinyl windows replacement during warmer months, the caulk can be put much easily compared to when doing it when it is cold. Though you can still apply caulk during the cold weather, you will need to warm it first before applying it so that it adheres evenly to the frame and smoothly.

There is also another thing you should consider. “Movement of the substrate” as contractors call it. Materials like aluminum and vinyl contract in cold weather and expand in hot weather. So if you caulk your doors and windows during freezing weather, the caulk could crack and be torn apart once the materials contact.

2. Buying Doors and Windows during the winter.

The only option you might have sometimes is to replace your windows during the winter. This is mostly applicable when you have broken or cracked windows. It will be imprudent to suffer cold weather and incur higher energy bills as you wait for the summer to do window replacement.

However, if you must replace your windows and doors, here are some precautions you should follow:

  • Plan your window installation in warmer and sunny days- this allows some time for the materials to warm up and expand as needed.
  • Use silicone-based caulk rather than latex or acrylic one- it works more effectively.
  • Let your contractor work on one window at a time- this will come in handy if you are replacing your doors and windows during the chilly cold weather in Toronto. It ensures your home remains hot and livable.