What are the Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners are a must-have in each and every household. It is imperative for homeowners to have vacuum cleaners to maintain a clean and tidy environment. Fortunately, there have been recent innovations within the industry itself. Customers can come across hundreds of models to choose from.

Even though this gives the customer more choice in the long run, it even makes it difficult to choose the right option. There are different types available which makes the selection process a bit confusing. Here are some of the types that can be chosen from:

Hand held

Hand held vacuum cleaners are the most basic and conventional form of vacuum cleaners that are readily available in the stores. These are perfect if you want to reach certain corners for cleaning. This can even be more portable which makes it easier to clean carpets in the car. The versatility it offers is amazing. It comes in different sizes, shapes and models which even makes the selection process more versatile. It gives the customer more space to choose a vacuum cleaner.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners are relatively new innovation that has been becoming very popular in recent times. It offers more convenience and usability compared to other models. It is a completely automated device which comes with in-built sensors to detect where the dust is. Moreover, there are different sizes and shapes available as well. However, it tends to expensive compared to traditional vacuum cleaners.


This is another popular form of a vacuum cleaner which is easily accessible in the market. Upright vacuum cleaners are traditional devices that you can normally find in any typical household. It provides a powerful clean up and gives more control to the user. It offers exceptional usability, functionality and control. It provides diverse range of setting which makes it possible for the user to control the vacuum not only on carpeted surfaces but also on bare floors.


Canister vacuum cleaners are gradually getting more popular with the passage of time. They are similarly powerful to upright cleaners but consist of a slender frame. A separate canister is attached as well to a wand which can be utilized if you want to maintain carpeted areas. It can also be used perfectly on bare flooring. Given the usability and functionality it offers, these models are usually very expensive. However, the multi-functional design it offers is one of the reasons to purchase this type.


Stick vacuum cleaners are perhaps the most powerful type in the list. These models feature a knack to get into corners and narrow places. It works perfectly on rugs, carpets and bare floor as well. It comes with a long stick like handle featuring a slim construction. The construction of the model makes it an ideal addition to any storage area.

Given that vacuum cleaners are essentially important in any home, consider the types above when making your purchase.