Simple Gifts for Coworkers

Maybe your office is hosting a holiday party as a reward for everyone’s hard work, or maybe you and some friends from work are having a get together to relax and have some fun. Whatever the case, there are plenty of ways you can brighten the workplace with some holiday cheer without breaking the bank.

Practical gifts

Everyone appreciates a practical gift. They might not be the most glamorous, but you’ll at least know they will actually be used. We all have multiple devices that seem to need constant charging. A multiport charging station is a convenient and practical gift that can be bought on a budget and appreciated by virtually anyone. Some alternative options for electronic gifts are an extra-long charging cable, wireless earbuds, or a car mount for a smartphone. These are all fairly cheap and useful for work and at home.

Of course, there are plenty of other kinds of practical gifts. Why not something that will get frequent use at home, like a vegetable cutter? Or you could pick up a mini space heater for the coworker who always says the office is cold. If you know a coworker who’s planning to move, a small toolkit can always come in handy. Also, as simple a gift as it is, anyone can make use of a notepad.


If you want to get more personal for specific coworkers, you might consider getting them a subscription to something you know they’ll like. For example, any caffeine lover would be delighted to receive coffee gifts in the form of a monthly subscription club. For any beer lovers in the workplace, you might look into a similar beer-themed subscription box. Fashion enthusiasts would likely enjoy any style box complete with beauty products and accessories. Those with a sweet tooth could become part of a candy club. If you want to go in a more general direction, just about anyone would appreciate a subscription for a streaming service. Even if they already subscribe to the one they’re gifted, it can still be a free month later.

Funny gifts

What gift list would be complete without a few gag gift ideas? If you’re a bit of a prankster yourself or if you know a coworker with a good sense of humor, then these can be a good idea. The ideas here are limitless from public restroom survival kits to gag chewing gum (like “instant accent” or “I kissed a Republican”). Sometimes gag gifts can even be quite useful, like this Fifty Shades of Chicken cookbook. Try not to take gift giving too seriously. A gag gift can easily spice up someone’s holiday after receiving the same old standards from everyone else. You can’t put a price on laughter, and if these kinds of gifts get a chuckle from a coworker, they’re totally worth it.

Just brighten the day

Maybe you’re a bit new to your workplace and you don’t really know anyone that well yet. Maybe you just want to do something in general for the office instead of giving gifts to individual coworkers. That’s fine, too. There are plenty of things you can do to brighten the workplace. Who doesn’t love a good snack when they’re running low on energy? Just making cookies or brownies for the office can be uplifting and show your appreciation for your coworkers. If you’re not into making food yourself, you could just order some festive themed donuts.

You don’t have to spend any money to improve someone’s day. If you have some knowledge that you know could help coworkers, share it. The internet is a treasure trove of useful information. For example, you might show coworkers the freshly launched HealthSoul—a site that collects user reviews of doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. This could be useful in the future for anyone changing plans or doctors. If your job requires a lot of travel, then everyone should know this page for airport wifi passwords. Know a coworker who is supposed to give a presentation soon? Show them The Power of PowerPoint. This lets you freely download a wide variety of unique templates to help presentations stand out from the crowd.

There are limitless simple ways to improve a coworker’s holiday. Whether you’re willing to be a big spender during the season, or you just want to give a free helping hand, you can give your coworkers gifts that are sure to brighten up their holiday season.