Shopping for Headphones Online

Headphones are essential gadgets for music lovers. However for your music experience to be fun, you must have a perfect pair of headphones. Headphones cover your ears and are preferred by lovers of music due to their comfort and portability. They come in different varieties to suit every user’s needs. Some have flexible microphones installed on them.

There are many online stores stocking Headphones. Some come with great attractive offers. When shopping for headphones online, there are some factors you must consider.

Some are technical features that every headphone must have while others have luxury features which are not a necessity but widely preferred by many users.

The size of the Driver

The diameter of the speaker driver unit inside the earplug is an essential consideration. A significant driver will produce different frequencies and thus reproducing an even tone. Therefore a bigger size is ideal. Most drivers range between 9mm-16mm. If you prefer sound beats, then go for a 15mm driver, and if you prefer an acoustic melody, then 14 mm driver will be your best size.

The frequency range

A broader frequency reaction is most suitable. The recommended frequencies for a human ear is between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. An average person will not be able to hear a broader range. Before buying a headphone online, you can test using a frequency initiator application on your mobile phone. Try listening to around 12Hz feebly. Extreme deep frequencies in music range from 40 to 100 Hz. Harmonics can go to a low of 14Hz to 20 HZ. Therefore a broader frequency response of headphones is appropriate,

Most of the headphones available online have a 20 to 20kHz.But the ideal is 15Hz to 20 kHz. Flat frequency response is necessary as it replicates ordinary sounds. It’s even better if the response is on a straight line all through the bandwidth though it’s a rare situation.The headphones must produce an excellent sound that does not irritate the ear.

The impedance

Lower impedance is generally preferred. Headphones have an impedance of between 12ohms and 35 ohms. It will also depend on the type of gadget you are using. Most phones have an impedance of 12 ohms though older ones had an impedance of 32 ohms.

A higher impedance reduces the volume of your gadget. Always check your devices impedance before ordering for the headphones online as it will determine the quality of sound.

Noise separation or cancellation

This feature is a not a must have. However, it’s appropriate to look at the specifications when ordering for a headphone online. Some headphones have noise cancellation features. However, this might come at an extra cost.


The type of connector is an important consideration when ordering headphones online. Most headphones have connectors measuring 3.5mm. The different varieties available are bronze, steel, chrome, and Gold. Connectors made from Gold are of superior quality as they act as good conductors. Steel connectors though cheap are of lower quality.


The average sensitivity ranges between 90 to 115 dB/mW. An appropriate one would be 105dB/mW. Therefore always check the specification when buying online.

Microphone feature

A flexible microphone is an essential consideration because it will enable you to use your headsets to make a call.

Type of magnet

Most headphones have Neodymium types of magnets on the interior making them suitably sensitive to reproduce sound that is even and precise. Therefore when ordering considers this aspect.

Cable used

When ordering for headphones, it’s important to look at the type of cabling. Some have thin, thick or flat wires. Thick wires are ideal. This is because they reproduce sound more accurately than the thin ones.

Cables without tangles

It is a luxury aspect and should you choose to buy an earphone that whose wires are tangle free, then you will incur some additional cost. This will generally not affect the sound variations. Tangle-free cords also make the headphones last longer.

Connector shape

It is also a luxurious aspect when ordering for headphones online. It is thus a personal decision. Some headphones have connectors that have an L shape while others are straight. L shaped are ideal because they have little overhang and therefore will not be easily damaged should there be an application of additional external pressure.