How to restore a concrete floor?

There are many ways to restore a concrete floor. There are few materials needed in order to restore a concrete floor. Even though professionals like can be called in order to get a concrete floor restored, you can do it on your own as well.

However, most of us are not aware how to restore a concrete floor. From the materials used to the steps involved, there are many decisions to be made. Nevertheless, here are some steps you must follow in order to restore a concrete floor:

Select the right grinder

The first step is to find the right grinder. Having a too large or too small machine would negatively impact on the entire operation. There are several factors to take into account when choosing the right grinder:

  • Size of the floor will determine size of the grinder. A small single disc grinder would suffice if the floor is small. However, a large grinder would be used if the floor is large.
  • Be sure about the type of power available at the job site. This is an important factor. If the type of power is not available, you would need a generator. This would add more to the costs.
  • A vacuum system must also be taken into account for the grinder. Dust and debris should be contained in order to maintain an environmentally friendly work site. Dust that would be created as a result of operation would be dangerous.

Select the right diamond tools

As a general rule, all the hard concrete floors needs softer bonded metal tools. Usually, all the diamond manufacturers come up with recommendation charts to help the users about the diamond tools which might be utilized. Choosing the right tool is of paramount importance.

The second most-important step to select between a half set and a full set. Half set must be used if you do not want to entirely flatten the floor. On the other hand, full set of diamonds must be used in order to have a full flat floor. All the high areas would be grinded effectively. A smooth surface can therefore be achieved.

Grinding process

Once you have chosen the grinder and diamonds, you have to move towards the actual process. Grinder will not only remove the coatings but also forms the right base for a new covering. There are essentially two types of grinding process which are discussed below:

  • Dry grinding generates more heat. The work environment is cleaner compared to wet grinding.
  • Wet grinding takes longer time to clean up. The diamond grit scratches will be deeper in this case.

The method of grinding you want is up to personal preferences, needs and demands. It would depend on the type of floor and your overall work environment. Hence, once the grinding process is completed, there will be a polished surface.

Above are all the essential steps you need to complete in order to get the desired results.