House Additions: Making the Most out of Limited Spaces

Living in a small home in the city can be challenging to work around in terms of designing. Since you have limited space, there’s not that much room for personalising or decorating your home. But with a few minor tweaks and additions, you can make the most out of living in a small and humble home by giving it the minimalistic touch. Here are some key additions that can help you reorganise your house without a heavy price tag.

Adding some greens

A crucial contrast to make in limited spaces is having some greenery. Potted plants can pose as attractive accents in homes that might not have too much to look at because of the limitation of space.

Considering the orientation of your home, you are bound to have narrower walkways which means that your guests are more drawn to looking from down to up instead of looking at your room sideways. Having plants in your home that can add different forms of vertical shapes in contrast to the paintings, books, and other rigid objects can make for an exciting interior to have while having the added benefit of cleaner air.

Just be sure to be neat about keeping your houseplants. Find creative ways to hang your green guests besides having them on a windowsill or at your front door. Hanging fixtures in pots or a small wall trellis for vine plants are great accents to consider.

Setting borders

If you don’t have the luxury of having multiple rooms in your flat, then you should consider setting up boundaries. By just adding structural insulated panels in the layout of your space, you will be able to set-up borders from where the living room is to the kitchen. Having walls and dividers set up will also allow you to have more wall space at the expense of narrower walking spaces. Think carefully about where you place your walls and ensure that they won’t make any chokepoints that will make it difficult to navigate around your home.

Getting rid of heavy furniture

Small spaces such as condominiums and flats need to deal with limited surface areas. One smart way to create more space is by letting go of heavy furniture. Settle for a twin bed instead of getting that king size, or maybe even go for a folding bed or a bunk bed where you can turn the lower level into a closet. Working with limited spaces doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be living with less, but that you need to maximise the little space that you have by purchasing versatile furniture.

Foldable chairs and tables are great ways to save on space if you want to have a little bit extra walking space for your recreational activities. You can also squeeze in a foldable treadmill if you can manage your areas efficiently. Living in a small home forces you to get creative in positioning your furniture and being smart about what pieces to keep and what to throw away.