Components of a Smart Swimming Pool

We are living at a time when there are many technological innovations. It’s no surprise that now there are smart swimming pools and what’s even better is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one installed at your home. They are a major money saving factor for every home or business. The primary goal of smart pools is allowing the owners to spend more time enjoying them rather than in maintenance. Now with the introduction of portable devices and Wi-Fi, there is easier pool management from wherever the user is thanks to some smart pool products. From your Smartphone or tablet, you can manage your pool without actually been there. Cool right? Some of the components of the smart swimming pools include;

The remote pool management system

This is like the brain of the smart pool. It is where everything is controlled. All the devices and pieces of equipment of the pool are bunged into the management system and are controlled by executing orders in the system which can then be installed in your tablet or Smartphone. The system could be an app or software. However, before getting your smart pool installed, ensure you seek the services of an established provider and capitalize on their use of updated equipment and software that blends well with your smart home for instance. They make sure everything works correctly and in harmony.

An automatic pool cleaner system

Ask any pool owner, and they will tell you that keeping the pool clean can be a nightmare but thanks to the automatic pool cleaning system, pool cleaning efficiency has risen to another level. This is due to the efficient water circulation which also saves power and cleaning chemicals. This self-cleaning technology is made possible by use of nozzles that can reach all the corners of the pool. They work by popping up and shooting water hence pushing any dirt towards the drain. Once maximum cleaning is achieved, the nozzles disappear.

Smart salt-chlorinators

It is made specifically to ensure a specific chlorine level in the pool. The good thing with this component is that like every other discussed above, it allows the user to configure their pool to their unique requirements. It minimizes things you have to worry about pool management.

Smart pool pumps

This is a requirement for every pool out there because, without it, people would spend a lot of money on electricity bills and such expenses would be unaffordable for many people. Believe it or not, these smart pool pumps enable power saving more than other home appliances such as air conditioning system. Nowadays people have minimized the duration when pool pumps are running while trying to cut on energy costs not knowing the health repercussions that may bring. With the new energy efficient automatic pool pumps, they can run for a longer time and consume less power at the same time.

It is no secret that smart pools are on the rise because not only are they convenient but also increase the value of any property and owning one gets you a step ahead of someone without. It’s worth noting that even for real estate agents, selling a home with a smart pool is much easier than one without. That shows how valuable a smart pool is and an excellent addition to your home.