Cleaning Hacks To Improve Your Home

The feeling that the chores of the house are just not ending is something common to all households. Every homemaker knows the headache of spending hours behind messy cleanups that refuse to get done. But a cleanup need not be something that gives you sleepless nights if you go about it the right way. You can resolve even the trickiest of cleaning issues and persistent of stains using simple cleaning hacks using all things available near at hand. Given below are some of the cleaning ideas for your home that will make your life a lot easier.

Lemon and Kosher Salt to Remove Stains

Lemon is known for its stain removal qualities, and when you add kosher salt into the mix, the combination becomes more potent for the removal of the toughest of stains. For instance, if you want to clean-up, your cutting board just spread a generous dosage of salt all over it and then rubs it using a thick slice of lemon. You can do the same thing with your garbage bin as well. Lemon also imparts a fresh scent which makes it a really handy trick to try before the guest arrives.

Hair Dryer to Remove Water Spots From Wood

Water stains on wooden tables are pesky things that just refuse to go. If you thought that your hair dryer could only give you great hair, think again. According to Vancouver house cleaning, you need to set the hair dryer on medium heat and then hold it two inches away from the stain. Keep buffing away the stain using a napkin or cloth while you apply the heat. Continue doing this till the mark completely disappears.

Baking Soda for Removing of Grime

Baking soda is great for cleaning up your sofa and oven within minutes. Begin by dusting your sofa and then spread baking soda on it. Let the soda sit for at least twenty minutes and then vacuum the sofa to remove all the grime. For the oven, create a mix of baking soda with some water and then spread it all over the oven except the heating parts. Let it sit overnight and wipe it off the next morning. Spritz it finally with some vinegar and wipe the interiors for ultimate grime removal.

Sea Salt to Clean-Up the Iron Skillets

Stubborn bits of food and stains on iron skillets are nothing new to any cook. Fight these tough stains using kosher salt and get a skillet that looks as good as brand new. Spread ample amounts of salt on a skillet that is still hot and then use a kitchen towel to scrub. Rinse that skillet with hot water after discarding the salt and dry immediately. You can also heat the skillet over a low flame to make the moisture evaporate completely.

Chalk to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes

No need to waste extra laundry detergent to remove the grease stains from your clothes as you can easily accomplish the task by chalk. Rub some chalk on the stains, and the powder will absorb all the grease. Finally, put the clothes in the washing machine for a complete clean-up.

Next time you are faced with any such tough clean-up challenge, these tips will surely come to your aid. Deep cleaning is not something that needs you to spend a lot of money.