Best Car Wax For Your Car

A car wax is what you need to preserve the glossy grandeur of your beloved vehicles. Over the period of usage, cars and SUVs are prone to losing their glossy shine due to weather effects and abuse of use. This results in a dull appearance of a comparatively new vehicle. In situations like these, one can not help but wonder what has been missing from his car care routine. The good news is that the answer to your confusion lies in the application of car wax on your vehicles.

Why do you need a Car Wax

A car wax, just like the dermis of your skin, protects the interiors of the exterior surface of your car. The best auto wax not only preserves the paint of your vehicle but also protects it from abrasions and environmental damages. The UV rays coming from the sun, the increasing heat of the environment and polluted air can greatly damage the gloss of your car body. In order to preserve this sheen, it is necessary to timely and correctly use a car wax.

Car Wax forms

Depending upon the quality and usage of a particular type of car wax, four forms of car waxes are currently popular in the market. These forms include the

  • Liquid form
  • Paste form
  • Spray form
  • Rubbing compound form

If you are looking for an extra glossy touch that will last for long periods of time, the liquid form of car waxes is a good choice for you. The spray form of car waxes is a suitable choice for beginners who need a basic introduction to the usage and application of car waxes. This form does not last for long and comes and cheap rates but, it is good for practice. If you are looking for a durable and long lasting car wax form, then the rubbing compound is the best auto wax form for you. This form is a bit costly but worthy of its long-lasting results.

Frequency of application

The results obtained from car wax depend upon the time and frequency of application, next to its form. Temperatures which touch the cold and hit extremes are not recommended for car wax application as they can interfere and alter the consistency of car wax. Moderate range temperatures not more than 50 degree Celsius are recommended for car wax application. The best auto wax can only be efficiently applied in 1 to 2 coats applied at moderate temperatures.

Purpose of car wax sealants

Car wax sealants are polymeric or acrylic compounds which complement the action of car wax by bonding with the vehicle paint. As a result, your car truck or SUV is protected from high temperatures as well as rain damage. A coat or two of car wax sealant after the drying period of 12 to 24 hours of the first coat is recommended for suitable functioning. Ensure that your car is free of dirt and debris before you move on to applying the sealant.

Popular car waxes in the market

Several car wax manufacturers have introduced a number of car waxes out of which the best auto wax list is based upon the following brand names

  • Meguiar
  • Mothers
  • Liquid Glass