7 Things You Absolutely Need to Do Before You Sell Your Home

Selling your house can be a grueling task. In fact, although a good property sells itself, you do need some kind of push or even the right people to market it well. Right from the day you actually decide to sell it to the day it goes on the market, is a very crucial period where you can actually take some active steps to boost your sales and ensure that you get the coveted cheque sooner!

Clean it up

If you notice all the photos of real estate on sale, you will see one thing in common. They are all aesthetically arranged to present a pleasing sight to the potential buyers. Nobody likes to see a house full of your mess so clean it up good before you put it on the market. Get rid of all the gross stains, your children’s or pets’ masterpieces on the walls, furniture etc. Scrub every inch till its looks as good as brand new.

Do your research

Potential buyers would like to know some of the technicalities about your house before they choose to buy it. You should be able to tell them the exact situation with water, heating, HVAC system, electricity and other things that might be important. Also keep all the documents regarding the upgrades, repairs, installations, maintenance, service dates etc. handy so that the new owners can transition easy.

Clean and open your windows

No one ever wants a house which does not let in natural light and air. Dirty windows reduce the intensity of sunlight, making your house look darker as well as musty. Let in ample sunlight and natural air to get rid of the ‘lived’ smell. It also ensures that your house does not feel damp when potential buyers come to visit.

Remove all family photographs

The importance of removing all traces of photographic evidence of your family cannot be stressed more. It is for two important reasons. Firstly, they do not look very neat and give off the vibe that you are not ready to let go. Secondly, and more importantly, you do not know what kind of people might visit your open house. For the safety of your family, especially children, remove all their photographs.

Make it presentable

Your potential buyers need to feel that they can make a home out of your house so before putting it on the market, make it presentable. Put on a fresh coat of paint and get all the damage repaired. Throw on some nice drapes and your neatest sheets when buyers come to see.

Photograph it well

Irrespective of whether you are selling through a realtor or all by yourself, it is important to have good strategically taken photographs. Often people want to see pictures before actually seeing the house in person and good pictures will go a long way in helping you close the deal. You want your potential buyers to love the place and not just be okay with it. It is all about making the best use of the space, light and use good angles.

Turn your home into a house

Yes, this lovely house has been your beloved home for all this time and now it is time for some other family to make it their homes. Get rid of your personal stuff before you start showing. Remove all traces of children and pets because not everyone likes them. Clear out the closets, basement, attic and kitchen as these are often the most cluttered in a family, and yet the most important when it comes to buyers.

After you have decided to sell your property, there are many reputed companies in UK where you can submit your property details for your free property valuation, post which you should receive an offer in a few hours or the following day. No matter the reason for sale, we’ll give you an instant cash offer. The money can be in your bank in under 7 days.