5 Types of safes Every Home Should Have in 2019.

We all have items that we would want to secure. Some people prefer to take their to the banks and preserve them in their company specific safes. If you do not want to take your items to a bank, you can buy your own locker or safe. These Lockers are designed to keep your belongings safe and secure in the same state that you left them. You would only have to worry about them if you share the opening credentials with another individual. Getting the right safe for your use depends on your needs, the safe quality, the features that you want, etc. if you are unsure of settling for the right safe for your needs, it is advisable that you should get an advice from a reputable locksmith that will effectively guide you.

Below are 5 major types of safes that you should get for your home use.

1. Diversion Safe.

This is the most basic type of safe and it is made from ordinary objects that result to things such as book safe, candle safe, or even wall outlet safe. In these safes, valuables can be placed and stored inconspicuously like the way a book could be placed on a bookshelf to blend in with other books. Basically, this type of safe is used for the purposes of putting the house in order.

2. Fire resistant safes.

As the name suggests, these types of safes protect your items against high temperatures. Their ratings depend on the amount of time that they can withstand high temperatures without exceeding the maximum internal temperatures of about 350 degrees. A high number of these types of safes offer a protection of 30 minutes to 4-hour protection.

The most resistant type if fire resistant safe is the one that’s installed in a concrete floor. However, it is worth noting that not all floor safes are watertight and sometimes they may fill with water from the house hoses. It is advisable that you should place all your valuables in double zip bags or sealed containers.

3. Wall Safes

These types of safes are common in giving a hidden protection to your valuables. They can be installed in different preferred depths of wall thickness to maximize their space. There some safes models that offer pry-resistant, recessed door with concealed hinges specifically for protection against theft. Often, these types of safes are covered with a piece of furniture that makes it impossible for anyone to guess its existence.

4. Biometric small safe.

This is a portable safe that is inexpensive and has ample space for your valuables. These types of safes are the most preferred gun safes as they are able to hold several guns. The biometric safe makes it ideal for any private gun holder because your gun is not only carefully stored but it’s just you, as the owner who has access to it with an easy touch of your fingerprints.

This safe is small enough to carry around with you anywhere or mount it securely for extra security. In addition to being easily portable, you have access to your gun if the need arises. The best part of this safe is that you can store as many as 30 fingerprints that can act as a good backup in case of an urgent access.

5. Combo safe.

This safe is a combination of protection against fire as well as water. However, it is advisable that you should use an extra airtight container for items such as photos, USB drives, etc. This safe can be bolted down for further security.