5 Tips to Maintain Your Beautiful Hair

Everyone wants beautiful mane but many are under the misconception that having beautiful hair means regular trips to the hair salon or spending a fortune in hair treatments or products. These misconceptions can be easily busted by consulting an expert hairdresser, who will tell you that the secret to beautiful hair is the right nutrition and the right hair care regime. If you want beautiful hair, the road is quite simple if you are diligent enough and master a few tricks while handling that mane. We are here to help you out and give you some tips to beautiful, strong and healthy hair.

1. The Hair Brush You Use Matters

Your hair comb could be destroying your hair texture if it does not have the right size or good quality bristles. If you have long hair for example, go for boar bristles because the hair brush needs to keep the hair shaft smooth without breaking hair strands. The trick is to minimize the friction when you are brushing. Natural fibers should be the preferred material when it comes to bristles because they will leave your hair silky smooth, without causing unnecessary hair breakage.

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Any good barber shop will enlighten you about the dangers of using too much shampoo that contains sodium lauryl sulfate in high amounts. This is because this shampoo does more harm than good but is still a necessary evil as it is responsible for the foaming and also the primary reason why your scalp feels less oily after shampooing. However, too much sodium lauryl sulfate can be harmful because it strips off the natural oils and leaves your scalp dry, causing hair fall. Many people therefore prefer using herbal shampoos to tackle this problem. If you do not want to make the switch, don’t shampoo your hair too frequently.

3. Drying Your Hair

This trick is commonly known to people with curly hair because they don’t want to tangle up their locks. When you are drying your hair, use your old t-shirt or any other cotton or linen cloth to remove that extra moisture before using the blow-dryer. This will help you by preventing any fraying in the hair shaft and also keep your hair strands sleek. The possibility of fizzy hair is also minimized when you use this trick. Also, it is a better method to dry hair because your hair is more likely to tangle more in a towel.

4. Use A Hydrating Treatment

If you are using too many heat treatments to style your hair, then opting out for a hydrating treatment once or twice a week is a good idea to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. You can visit a salon if you want but there are many DIY methods that you can try out at home. This way you will be spending less but getting the same treatment as salon ready hair. Use a coconut honey hair mask or heavily massage your scalp by oils rich in Vitamin E, like avocado oil or olive oil. You should heat the oil for improved results. Wrap your hair for some hours before shampooing and see the stunning results.

5. Hair Bands

It is advisable to use hair bands that don’t pull your roots because of the obvious reasons. One way is to use a band similar to a scrunchy or the newer versions that have a plastic coil. If you have dense hair, use broader sized rubber bands and don’t to fit your hair inside bands of smaller size. This will prevent your hair to be pulled from its roots and keep your hair strands stronger.

The above were some ways to maintain beautiful hair that will be the envy of everyone around you.