5 Things To Consider When Buying a Vlogging Camera

Vlog or a video blog as it’s famously known is becoming a huge trend now. Although your laptop camera or iPad’s camera can work, if you want your vlog to be noticed and stand out then you will need a little investment.

Buying a professional quality vlogging camera is a prerequisite to great vlog. But often people don’t pay much attention to the kind or make of camera they are buying. Believe or not, the camera you use can create a significant impact on the video quality, and a good quality video is always preferred.

A camera is the best asset for a perfect vlogger, and if you are looking to buy a good vlogging camera, there are certain things you need to know.

In this post, we have covered some ritual aspects that you must heed before you go on to buy a vlogging camera.

So let’s take a look!

  1. Low light performance: Well, it’s obvious you can’t control the light where you shoot with your blog camera so your camera must be able to perform well in low light. Performance in low light is not only for the night but for shooting or taking clips inside a room as well. You must look for wide aperture length, noise on higher ISO or sensor size for a perfect blog camera.
  2. OIS or Optical Image Stabilization: For vlogging a camera with image stabilization is essential. Now, this features is essential because you almost have to keep moving to record your vlog. If your camera doesn’t support OIS, it would be challenging to watch that video that keeps on shaking all the time. But beware! Digital image stabilizations and Optical image stabilizations are entirely different. You need an OIS, not a DIS ( while DIS is just a lie and a marketing trick) stick to OIS.
  3. Flip screen: While you are vlogging you often have to shoot a video that records you as well, so having a flip camera will be very helpful in this regard. Some cameras come with a front facing camera along with a built-in microphone as well. So you can choose wisely which will suit you accordingly.
  4. Wi-Fi: Having the Wi-Fi feature on your blog camera will allow you to create the hotspot with your mobile and use internet directly on your camera to upload your videos to YouTube. Having wi-fi connectivity helps you a lot in saving your time. So you don’t have to transfer the video file to your laptops, edit it and then upload it. You can edit it on your camera and immediately upload it to social media for other blogs directly from your camera.
  5. Microphone input: A microphone input is like a luxury for a vlogging camera, and to some extent it is great. But this feature is available only on high-end premium camera not on compact cameras. So if you need that extra edge on your vlog, try to find a camera with a microphone input.

Apart from these aspects there are some small but very relevant thing that you need to consider while buying a vlogging camera. Like the market offers digital cameras, DSLR, SLR, action camera, etc. and each of these is suited for different video quality and performance.

So whatever you chose, it must be perfect for your vlogging purpose, lightweight, easy to carry, quick to set up and moreover must have all the features and a built-in menu and user manual if you are a beginner. Another important thing having a waterproof camera to shoot in bad weather is a plus for that active and adventurous vlogging that are always on the go for more.