5 Things To Consider When Buying A Necktie 

Most people discover at the dying minute that they have no clue what to look out for when purchasing a necktie.

In all honestly, purchasing neckties are a bit tricky. Even though they are arguably small accessories, neckties say a lot about the wearer and attract quite a lot of attention. While yourbeautiful and well-chosen outfit says a lot about your taste, people also notice your necktie. Sometimes, they will even make a few pleasant remarks about your tie and your breast pocket kerchief.

If you’re trying to leave a good first impression, then you want to avoid wearing low-quality neckties. People can actually tell the difference. But there are even more things to look out for.

The modern necktie was spread by the Europeans. This custom of wearing ties dates back to the time of the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648). Obviously, the necktie has been around for sometime, evolving as talented stylists have designed different amazing versions. The availability of various styles often makes it difficult for buyers to choose the best of the lot.

That’s why this article has sought to list the top 5 attributes to look out for during the purchase of a good necktie.

1. Size and Shape

If you have ever been to a boutique or clothes shop, you would have noticed by now that neckties come in different proportions. Different people have different body frames and build and so there is no one size fits all tie. You have to choose a tie that suits your outfit and your body shape and size.

The breadth of your tie ought to be determined by lapel size of your suit or whatever clothing you intend to pair the necktie with. Ignore this tip at your own peril. Alternatively, you can get expert advice on the best tie width for specific lapel sizes. This will make your job easier. Most fashion enthusiasts order custom neckties from tie manufacturers. This way, you can be sure nothing will go wrong especially if the manufacturer sticks to your guidelines.

Owning a tie that blends well with your current body shape and size is an important factor that must determine thechoice of a new necktie.

2. The Cut on the Bias

If you’re wondering what the cut on the bias is, then I’ll explain. It is a piece of fabric that has been cut at a forty-five degree angle. Every well-designed tie has this fabric. So before you make that purchase, it is important to check if it has been cut diagonally across the grain of fabric. This is what gives the tie its unique shape after it has been knotted.The bias cut has another purpose though. It helps the tie lie flat. That’s why most well-constructed ties don’t flip onto one side.

3. The Stitch or Tie Bar Tack

Fashion experts argue that the stitch or tie bar tack is the topmost key factor that should determine whether or not to purchase a particular tie.

About three-quarters of the way down every tie, there sits a heavy stitch. This stitch joins different ends of the tie. The idea is to ensure that the bar tack on a tie does a good job of keeping the two sides of the tie together. This stitch should also be able to maintain its original shape.

If you want to look gorgeous in your necktie, make doubly sure that it isn’t suffering from a lack of a bar tack.

4. Type of Fabric

Different kinds of fabrics are used to make different ties. Survey has shown that ties made from silk fabric are the most desirable. Perhaps it is due to its softness and high tensile strength. Or perhaps it is because silk ties are less likely to succumb to wrinkling. Again they drape well and can allow you to create a variety of knots.

However, fashion enthusiasts can experiment with other fabrics such as cashmere and cotton. People who reside in colder climes tend to prefer the quite versatile cotton neckties.

5. Other Latent Specifics in Necktie Manufacture

Don’t be fooled by the less noticeable details. They matter a great deal. In fact, the level of quality of the tie is often determined by these minute construction details.

Ensure that the tie has a ‘keeper’ at the back where the tail end of the tie can be tucked through. Else you run the risk of having the tail flap about. This will give the wearer a clumsy look.

Also, ensure that patterned ties are well cut and sewed so that the patterns align neatly. In addition, look out for ties that are rolled and pressed carefully, for those are the good quality ties. The rolling and pressing serve to make the tie full at its edges so that it doesn’t lose its shape after some time.

In conclusion, buying a necktie is not so difficult if you know what to look out for. When next you walk into that store, take note of the proportion, the stitches, the fabric and the minor details mentioned above. You will be more likely to choose a well-constructed necktie.

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