5 Reasons You Might Need Self Storage When Moving House

Moving house is one of the most daunting tasks a person can face. Trying to dismantle years of personal belongings into neat, accessible boxes is both physically and sometimes emotionally difficult.

A great option to help make this task easier is to use self-storage units. Most self-storage units are cheap and provide plenty of space to store your belongings temporarily.

Read on for five reasons self-storage might be a useful tool for your move!

1. Reduce Clutter

Buyers love a clean, spacious-looking house. An empty looking house provides more of a “clean slate” for buyers to imagine what their furniture would look like in the space. Although your house might be tidy, it can always do with a little less clutter to make it appealing.

Self-storage can solve this problem! Just move the clutter to the self-storage unit before you begin showing the house. Some common areas to clean up are attics/basements, pots and pans in the kitchen, clutter under the beds in the bedrooms and cleaning up any bookshelves. Pictures and posters can also go away early.

2. An Opportunity For Minimalism

Sometimes, our emotional attachments to our possessions blind us to their true value. A benefit of self-storage is that it forces you to consider what is truly important to keep and what is just stuff.

Maybe as you pack up the less-used items you own, you realize that you haven’t touched it in five years and should probably get rid of it, or maybe you realize after packing something away in storage that you actually don’t need it as much as you thought.

Moving house is a natural way to start with a clean slate, and self-storage offers a perfect way to really take stock of your possessions and think about their worth.

3. Break Up The Workload

Rather than having to move and unload all in one go, you can break up the move into more manageable stages and begin moving out weeks in advance. This is especially helpful for messy moves when you need to be out of your old house before your new place is ready.

Start with big, clunky things and things you don’t use everyday. For example, starting with clearing out your attic/basement will get a lot of clutter out of your house and it can be done a little bit at a time. Then, by the time it comes to moving day, you only have to worry about the things you use everyday.

4. Save Money On Moving Trucks

Moving trucks are priced based on size and time spent moving- i.e., the more stuff you have to move in one go, the more expensive that part of moving is.

Apart from the lowered stress of moving less stuff at once, moving in stages also has a clear financial benefit. Breaking up the move to several, smaller moves means that the move will be quicker and requires a smaller truck, saving you plenty of money!

5. Room For Renovation

Many people love the idea of renovating a house to make it burst with personality. Renovating a house means you can get it cheaper and truly make it your home. For others, simply re-painting the walls is enough to add that homey feel. The problem is that these renovations can be difficult with boxes and clutter piled up.

The same way that the move out can be in stages so can be the move in! With your new house mostly empty, you will be able to do those renovations with your other stuff safely in storage.

Hopefully this gave you some great reasons to consider using self-storage during your next move!