5 Reasons Why Customized Reusable Shipping is Best for Tech 

You probably already know that slapping a “FRAGILE” sticker on a shipment is no guarantee it will arrive safely. When it comes to ensuring your expensive and fragile technology gets where it needs to be in one piece, your best route is to go custom. Here’s why.

1. The Elements

Sure, wood and cardboard can get your tech from point A to B—but when it comes to protecting them from water, heat, dust and other environmental hazards, nothing comes close to plastic or aluminum. And when we say plastic, we’re not talking about the flimsy stuff your earbuds came in; the tough plastic exterior of cases from Pelican and other manufacturers protect against water, air, dust and more. Plastic and aluminum cases can also be further customized and to protect your specific equipment in even the unfriendliest of terrains.

2. The Perils of Transport

Crushed, dropped, smashed, subjected to changes in air pressure—transportation is rife with ways your tech can be damaged or destroyed. Unlike wood or cardboard, plastic and aluminum cases can be easily customized to be crushproof and shockproof. In fact, in order to ensure your cargo is safe, custom case suppliers like Custom Case Group will determine the g-factor of your technology, or the force it can endure without breaking. Once the g-factor of an item is established, a custom interior and exterior will be developed, taking into account both the technology itself and the conditions it will face during transport.

3. Customization Inside, Outside, All Around

There is no limit to how customized your custom case can be. On the inside, cases can be equipped with protective foam cut precisely to your technology’s specifications. When it comes to the exterior, there are multiple manufacturers with a wide array of materials, textures, finishes, colors and branding options. Cases can also be outfitted with whatever tools or modifications needed, including wheels, handles, forklift skids, locks, racks, drawers, and more.

4. Sustainability

Unlike cardboard or wood, which can get a few uses at most before they must be retired, plastic cases can be reused for years, significantly reducing the environmental impact of shipping. With customized plastic or aluminum cases, you’ll avoid the cost of reordering shipping material often and help to offset the environmental costs of producing wood and cardboard shipping materials.

5. Know Your Certifications

If you’ve ever used a search engine to try to determine shipping regulations for a particular shipment, you already know how daunting the bureaucratic pileup of regulations and certifications can be. Luckily, you can bypass all of that—custom shipping experts will handle all of the certifications and regulations for you, so you can focus on what really matters: getting your product into the hands (or on the devices) of the right people.