3 reasons why weekly deals are worth your attention

Hunting for deals hasn’t been very fashionable lately. Well, maybe in terms of vintage clothing. However, it’s slowly getting back in the good graces of society. Why checking weekly deals have the potential to become the new cool?

In the society of consumerism, hunting for sales and special offers has become something undesirable. The advertising discourse convinces us that we can have anything anytime – and we should embrace it. But this mindset can lead to financial loss, as well as harm to the environment. Looking through the promotional newsletters and creating a shopping plan based on the special weekly deals can not only help you take back control over your spending. It also has the potential to become an important element of the less-waste lifestyle. Below you’ll find a list of reasons why special offers are worth your attention.

#1 Weekly ads help you save without effort

The only thing you need to do is to check out the promotions once a week and compare the weekly deals. Planning your groceries according to special offers allows you to enjoy the abundance of products without spending more than necessary. Not only that – after a few months of implementing this strategy you will most likely notice that your savings grew significantly.

#2 Weekly deals are good for the environment

Quite a bold statement, isn’t it? However, we’ll defend it. At first glance, you could think that the promotions rather fuel the consumerism – things are cheaper, so customers buy them without consideration. But when it comes to groceries, buying underpriced products can prevent throwing them away by the stores. After the expiry date, they are obliged to remove them from the store. The special offers are often made for products with a short shelf life – buying them, you can follow the less-waste lifestyle. However, be careful to buy only the amount you can consume, otherwise, all the effort will be wasted.

#3 Weekly deals help you to consume seasonal products

The special offers are often tied to the seasonality. When there is an abundance of a certain product on the market, it will obviously cost less. It applies particularly to fresh fruit and vegetables which spoil quickly. The supermarkets have to sell them out quickly, which leads to discounts. Even if you are motivated mostly by the possibility of saving, following the weekly deals can help you buy more responsibly. Remember – seasonal in most of the cases means better for the environment, especially when paired with local. Saving and supporting Mother Earth? It’s like having your cake and eating it!