10 Things Your Locksmith Won’t Tell You

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you’ve either been locked out of the house because you forgot your keys inside, or your safe where you keep all your valuables has been broken into, or it just refuses to open altogether. It’s not an uncommon occurrence. We humans often tend to put ourselves in such situations, and the only way to get out of them is to call a locksmith, whose services will probably have your wallet half-empty by the end of the day. Locksmiths are intriguing people. They open your door so you can have shelter in your own home, and they know all of the safe combinations there are in the world. But there’s certain things those skilled people won’t tell you. Here’s a list of those you can keep in mind the next time you lose your keys.

1. Have Your Lock Re-Keyed After Buying a New House

Most of the times people tend to neglect this aspect, but it is quite important, because there is probably a key that you don’t know of, which will have easy access to your home. It’s better to get your locks re-keyed when you’ve bought a new house, just to be safer. You can also consider checking out the list of best smart lock at 10hightech.com for the safety of your home.

2. Don’t Mess with Your Safe

Impatience and hurry while opening your safe will only lead you downhill. If you deliberately twist the lock without safely doing so, or if you try to pull it open without entering the code or opening the lock, it’s going to cause you more problems and damage than usual.

3. Check the Quality

If you’re looking to buy a new safe, make sure not to buy it from some cheap market or an exhibition sale. Those safes are usually of the worst kind of quality, which look good on the outside but are completely disappointing later on. Also, they’ll probably cost you more than you’d pay for a good quality safe.

4. Car Dealers Being Smart

So, you’ve bought a new car, and he says that he will duplicate the keys that cannot be duplicated by anyone else, don’t believe him. There are locksmiths available for that, who will do the job for a cheaper amount.

5. Don’t Panic

Sometimes your key might get stuck, or it just won’t work. What you shouldn’t do is freak out, instead, use silicone spray (keep it handy) because it usually works on jammed doors.

6. That They Work for Cops

There’s some undercover locksmiths who are on duty given by the cops, and they usually keep extra keys in handy so that if they find any suspicious activity, they can handover the keys to cops, or perhaps help them break in for planting bugs.

7. Worry Not

If you end up being locked out more than one time in a day, don’t hesitate to call your locksmith again. They’re there to service you, and will not deny showing up. Although, bear in mind that you’ll have to pay them, so if you want to be careful of that, make sure not to get locked out so many times.

8. Locks Are Never Easy

Most people end up telling their locksmiths that the lock is easy, and it won’t take much time to crack it open. But it so happens that the moment those words are spoken, it gets even trickier. Be sure, your locksmith knows your lock better than you do.

9. Don’t Get Scammed

At times you might end up looking for a locksmith online, but don’t always trust them. They’ll probably wreck your door and demand money, and you won’t even be able to blame them because it’s been your mistake all along.

10. Beware of Duplicates

Let’s say you’ve got a mansion with state of the art facilities. You’ll be told that the keys to the locks on your doors will never be duplicated; don’t believe this. A person who can make a key can always forge another one.

In conclusion, don’t trust anyone and everyone with your significant things like a house, safe or a car. It’s always better to be careful.